Pregnant Chidera Adiele responds to haters about her nude photos


Heavily pregnant Nollywood actress Chidera Dior Adiele’s who shared nude photos of her pregnant self reacts to her ‘haters’. See what she wrote after the cut…

It is true my nudes are everywhere, but it is also not my intention dat they are, cus those pictures were meant to be private. Pregnancy stage is the only time in a woman’s life that God lets her experience different hormonal changes and every woman has the right to
keep record of it and it is sad mine ended up dis way, but SHIIT HAPPENS!!!

Most of u bitches condemning me do even the worst things, go stack naked for worthless reasons and cheap shit. As much people are talking, some also wish to be like me#FACT………let the bloggers keep posting and talking, I understand dats what they feed on.

NUDITY is NATURE, and there is absolutely nothing new on the face of earth. I am not the first to have my pictures leaked neither will I be the last. Meanwhile, LADIES & GENTLEMEN as I don cast so, I will just get me some COLDSTONE and DOUGHNUTS, while I seat back and watch yesterday’s fresh gist become tomorrow’s old story…………

meanwhile, y’all wish me a safe delivery cus that’s all that matters to me, I love everyone regardless….DEUCES️ Yours faithfully, DIOR CHIDERA ADIELECHUCKWU. Happy child

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  1. does it mean that u want all eyes or the whole wide world to confirm and believed that u are pregnant for real or u do it for all ur haters to be jealous?


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