Police Officer Detained for Brutalising Lawyer in Ilorin


A Police Officer attached to the Police Training School in Ilorin, Kwara
State has been detained for assaulting a lawyer, Luqman Bello, who had
gone to bail his client at the A – Division of the Nigeria Police Force,

The legal practitioner was said to have been beaten, brutalized,
stripped of his clothes and thrown into the cell at the police station,
while some students of the training school also reportedly assaulted
the state chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association, Kwara state,
Mohammed Akande and Mustapha Aduwa who came to Olanrewaju’s aid.

According to Olanrewaju, said that the officers had accused him of being
a fake lawyer when he came to secure the release of his client who was
being held, while he moved to produce his identity card and informed
them of being a private lawyer, they pounced on him and assaulting him

Giving his own account of the incidence, the state NBA Chairman, Akande
said that he was at the scene of the incidence in company of Aduwa after
he received reports about an assault on a lawyer, only to realize that
the incidence took place at the Police Training School section of the
Police station.

According to him, the headmaster of the training school informed them
that the issue was about a thorough fare at the gate, to which the
lawyer was said to have been rude to the officers, which made him order
his men to lock him up.

Akande further informed that when the lawyer was eventually brought out
of the cell, the lawyer was in his boxers and singlet with scars all
over his body, a situation which prompted him to ask the policemen to
“kill the lawyer, having beaten him that much”.

This he said resulted into an altercation with his tie pulled severally
and his shirt roughened as he was almost beaten up by the officers.

Meanwhile, the NBA National President, Paul Usoro SAN who reached out to
the office of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Ibrahim Idris has
said that the officer involved is presently in Police detention on the
instruction of the Commissioner of Police, Kwara State while
investigation into the incidence is ongoing.

Usoro assured members that the NBA will ensure that this particular case
is followed up to a logical conclusion and the offender prosecuted, just
as an appointment is being firmed up with the IGP, and the meeting
between the NBA President and the IGP may hold within the week.

NBA It is expected that the proposed meeting will highlight on the
increasing police harassment of lawyers and the need to put a final stop
to it.


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