Poisonous Beans Seller – Why Hasn’t He Been Exposed?


Members of the public are deeply concerned and gravely worried about the poisonous beans seller, whose video went viral last week.

The beans seller who was seen in a video which circulated the internet used 2.2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (DDVP) compound, popularly known as Sniper to preserve Beans.

This chemical is injurious to humans when unduly exposed by inhalation, absorption, direct skin contact or ingestion. As such, Nigerians have been petrified knowing that they are at risk if such marketers are not brought to book.

A consumer, Ogunleye Adeleke, told The News Chronicle that he and his family have decided not to buy beans until they are sure such marketers have been fished out. He said: “The things that go unpunished in this country are appalling. It is not proper for an individual to endanger the lives of people in a community by using such a harmful chemical to preserve beans. This is a matter of urgency; I expected that the Consumer Protection Council would have by now done something that will assure us that we are protected.”

A beans seller at Uttako, Idris Mubarak said that he doesn’t use sniper to preserve beans and hasn’t seen someone use it, but he is aware that some people use it because they don’t want weevils to eat the produce.

concerned buyer said there are other ways beans could be persevered since most chemicals are harmful when ingested. “Beans sellers can preserve beans naturally by using dried orange peels and bitter leaf. All they need to do is have enough peels or bitter leaf and put the beans in an air-tight container or sack.

“I am not comfortable knowing that this matter has not yet been resolved. There was a video with this man’s face on it, why haven’t we heard anything about him yet?” she queried.

However, the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) had raised an alarm on Friday over poisonous beans available in the Nigerian markets.

In a press release, the Director-General of CPC, Babatunde Irukera, confirmed that retailers in open markets are using the pesticide to preserve beans.

He said: “They use 2.2-dichlorovinyl dimethyl phosphate (DDVP) compound, otherwise marketed and known as Sniper, to preserve beans, and more particularly to eliminate or protect from weevils.”

He advised consumers to thoroughly wash, parboil and re-wash beans before cooking and consumption.


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