Peter Obi: The New Lamborghini driver!!

Peter Obi Factor

We have all seen Presidents both before independence and after. We have equally seen the various landmark successes and landmines each achieved either on Democratic or Military junta platforms. None in all honesty without sounding sarcastic equalled this present administration in vicious circle movement.

They all at some time in the life of their administration rigmoroled, goffed and behaved crazily, however, incomparable is the vicious cycle movement of APC led government.

In 2014 we were on a journey with PDP in a nice ferrari cruising though not without one or two hitches of mechanical fault but never in any long running around at a spot and lose of vision and road map as we see it today. The longest fuel queue! The highest rate in Naira depreciation! You can add your list.

Towards the end of that year APC came, casting aspersions on both the PDP Ferrari, the driver and they way the road maps of Nigeria socio economic growth was being handled.

With their adverts and promotions, using flashy Ferrari and a driver who claimed to know road, tested, proven and confirmed on the steering. Many were lured into their vehicle.

Not quite few hours the journey began the driver started to lose focus and concentrations.

In chorus we all shouted for a change of driver, sadly nobody heeded to that cry . Slow and snail pace we continued covering 15km in an hour in a journey of 56km per hour.

From 2015 till date it has been one breakdown or another, one missing of road or another and one running around the circle or another , driving in a vicious circle hoping to get to a destination while in all honesty the road is missed, vision lost ,road map missing, believing that by chance they would hit again the right road.

For long I have tried to find a better way to give expression to this tragic and visionless driving skill and expertise of this APC driver. I couldn’t not until few days ago.

We lost a member over the week, as it is traditional, a condolence visit after our meeting was made. I joined a brother and a friend in his car. We left before everyone else since he assured me of knowing the road to the deceased member’ house. It was a cool ride, laced with heartwarming conversations.

He drove with confidence and a bit of mastery. I became a bit unsettled when it was time to negotiate to the road leading to our destination point.

His unsureness on which close or crescent to follow gave me the first red flag. By instinct far from exactnesss he made a turn to one of the roads. It was one turn that began out journey of round the circle in an APC manner.

Each road we entered held for him a semblance of that man’ place. Half way on each of the wrong roads he will realise it wasn’t it after all.

This continued until we made a decision to go back to where we were before the ” blue bla bla….” turn.

Immediately he humbled himself to accept that he knew no road. Driving out to the very point we missed it we met the very people that actually know road and within a twinkle we got to our destination.

Will APC government accept this “Know no Road” incompetence

? Will they accept to eat the humble pie by taking Nigeria back to the high ways where the possibility and chances of meeting who really know road would be seamless, different from a town hall …?

Anyway, we have all disembarked, already on the highway in 2023 Lamborghini classical with an amazing driver, Apt in reading of maps, visionary and undoubtedly skilful.

Getting our destination point on record time is non negotiatable. Why would we move in circles again? When the Google map of where each road leading to every vital aspect of our national growth is handy, in custody of our new driver of James bond skills.

Join this 2023 Lamborghini classic, already headed for a better Nigeria. Join the ride, our driver is a James bond , meandering through landmines, escaping bumps and assuring safety for all in all aspects; better than a Town Hall, different… Ferrari of an inestimable slow, round and round movement .


Jarlath Uche Opara

Jarlathuche@gmail. co

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