PETER OBI: A Means Or An End?

In life, moving with the current and flowing with the trending, might be without strategic and intentional thinking. Oftentimes its output is usually counterproductive.

Many have found themselves in a very messy situation capable of sniffing life off them because of this gregarious instinct.

We have been on this instinct of “Oh yes members”, the unthinking crowd that never had their views and opinions outside what they see and hear from their political leaders.

Recently a certain Governor was conferred with a chieftancy title by some group of traditional rulers. As much as it was their right and choice to do such, what however , I found so odd was their entitled and emboldened stance making promises on behalf of the zones to deliver votes for whatever they stand to gain or have benefited from the Governor.

My sincere off the cuff reaction was, who are they to make such a pledge on behalf of thousands of people who they have no direct influence on?

Not only that, I have equally seen this play out in other fora, sadly, many politicians have used it as a conduit to get whatever they need, while the very people that would in reality vote, get at best peanuts.

Except there is something I am not getting. It seems so bizarre and unintelligible building hope and confidence on the endorsement of a supposedly “powerful man” with a perceived larger than life political clout than doing things that would seamlessly assure one the validation and approval of the masses, where the power of votes lies.

The only sensible explanations to all these, may among other things be a non existence of democratic structures for an unrigged elections, which largely marred previous elections, the non availability of a copiously irresistible candidate with an unquantifiable depth of value, integrity, competence and excellence which without sounding hyperbolic eluded us for years and of course the non chalant attitude of the electorates towards elections and who manages their future, a mindset that wrestled their future out of their grip and made them pitable pariah in their own game.

2023 is obviously going to be different from other years. Nothing of this present Masses awareness has been seen since the creation of this country .

The force is huge, creating momentum, only God is capable of halting.

Was it really about Obi? Or about the resolve and poise of the masses to have a fresh air in this air starved country?

Take Obi out of the 2023 equation, would the level of passion, zeal and enthusiasm still be seen in Nigerians for 2023 elections?

Close your eyes, have a mental picture of 2023 without Obi’ candidacy, would this zeal and passion to get involve in the process that would determine our future for the next four years raging like a tsunami be still there?

Think again! Remove Obi from 2023 election, would the rush and willingness with which people moved in millions to get their PVC be there?

Remove Peter from the race, who would possibly give Nigerians the hope of a better Nigeria they are savouring now? Who possibly would be causing panick and anxiety in the camps of APC and PDP?

Remove Obi from the ballot paper, would the election be as it has always been, between the devil and the deep blue sea? Assuming Obi isn’t on the ballot, how would the masses, the defamed masses, the impoverished masses, the masses whose voices and identity have been swallowed, be singing these songs of victory and liberation?

Is Obi the best in the repository of Nigerians who are bright , brainny and politically savvy? I don’t think so.

Take Obi out of the 2023 show, the show will still be a bash. Why? 2023 is a destined date for the liberation of Nigerians from the claws and grip of our heartless adversaries. What we are seeing now is what can perfectly be described as “Ukwa oge ya uru oda!”( When time for a particular thing comes, it is bound to happen)

Peter is just an instrument. Anybody else could equally have been used. The centrality of this whole thing is the remembrance of Nigeria in God’s book of remembrance. God this day has remembered Nigeria. Obi is just a channel.

Each time I think through this very moment of political consciousness, affecting the young, the old, the educated, the illiterate etc, I get persuaded to say, Owu aka Chi( it is God’s hands)

Nigeria and Nigerians have been remembered by God in their lowly and most extinction phases. Like Modeccai and the Jewish tribe in the bible, threatened by Haman, who latter was hanged on the gallow he prepared for him,

Nigeria detractors and adversaries would eat their humble pie in like manner soon.

The time is ripe and it is now. Peter is just an instrument, a channel and a means, certainly nothing an end.

In the political equation of Nigeria and Nigerians nobody born of flesh is the end to anything, they are all means either to its destruction or its liberation.

We had many who had their moments with Nigeria leadership journey. The list is growing and Obi won’t be the end, after him there will still be Nigeria.

As we continue to shout Obident and Yusufulness, let us bear in mind that in them are no end to anything but a means to the end of whatever challenges , frustrations and difficulties we pass through as a nation.

The challenges of Nigeria are deep. The depth isn’t something that can be covered with two tenures of 8 years. Nobody born of flesh can do such.

With Obi, the journey would have at least started, paving and charting ways if only sustained, Nigeria would have in ten to twenty years, become that dream country our founding fathers had years back.

Obi is only answering a call of restoration! Who shall I send? For years non was found diligent enough to be sent.

Now is the time , 2023 is the appointed time and Obi is just a servant, offering himself for this call. He isn’t the end but a means to an end.

I have said this before, for emphasis sake, Obi isn’t our political Messiah. He is at best a vessel the Messiah is about to use.

Just like Elijah was advised to eat more for the journey is far. Nigeria! Eat the food of patience, endurance etc for the journey to our liberation is far. 2023 with Obi, the journey would have started.

I see a bright future, certainly it wouldn’t come cheap and free on a platter.


Jarlath Opara

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