‘P-Square is not breaking up’


Lagos – One-half of P-Square duo, Peter Okoye has denied reports that he and his brother are planning to break up, reports Information Nigeria

Two weeks ago, Paul Okoye made claims to the fact that he wrote a number of P-Square’s hits and this led to a lot of people interpreted this as Peter and Paul splitting up.

In a recent interview with Peter stated that P-Square is still very much intact.

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He said that they  had minor quarrels  just like everyone who has siblings would.

Peter and Paul Okoye were on the verge of splitting last year before the release of their latest album Double Trouble.

Peter Okoye has announced the launch of his dance reality show with Kaffy.

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– News24

Culled from http://www.news24.com.ng/Entertainment/News/P-Square-is-not-breaking-up-20150428


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