Our presidential system breeds corrupt leaders- Soyinka


Nobel Laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has berated the presidential system of government practiced in Nigeria, saying that it encourages corruption.

Soyinka is of the opinion that the parliamentary system of government is best for the country. According to him, it is cheaper and less prone to manipulation and corruption.

Soyinka who was among panelist at the inaugural Public Service Debate convened by the Saint John’s Forum, titled: “Will Nigeria be better served by a Parliamentary System of Government”, spoke in Lagos.

He said, “There is a straight line between dishonourable members and what Nigeria is going through. Yerima is one of those that make laws but he defiles the law. We need a public discourse on a structure that guarantees representation of the people. Those who were never elected bulldoze their ways to the hallowed house”.

“You can’t say that after the civil war, people can’t examine the protocol that binds them. The cost of democracy in the two systems, which is cheaper and less open to manipulation? Which one encourages corruption? The public became critics of the presidential system because it is close to kleptomania. Presidential system breeds corrupt leaders”, he added.


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