Opposition: Kenya govt wants to take away rights

Nairobi – Kenya’s main opposition party and human rights groups say proposed changes to Kenya’s security laws — a new law proposed by the government to tackle terrorism — will curb fundamental freedoms enshrined in the constitution.

The opposition political party CORD said on Thursday that the government is rushing the proposed amendments through parliament and that if they pass Kenyans will lose civil liberties.

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The legislation that would level a fine of $56 000 or a three-year prison term or for journalists whose reports on any police activities are determined to undermine the fight against terrorism.

 The fine also applies to journalists who publish pictures of terrorism victims without asking for permission from the police. It also allows the interior ministry to decide if, when and where public demonstrations can be held.

– AP

Culled from http://www.news24.com.ng/World/News/Opposition-Kenya-govt-wants-to-take-away-rights-20141212

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