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OpenAI Opens New Office In Dublin

Artificial intelligence leader OpenAI has just announced the opening of a new office in Dublin. This marks the company’s third office, with its headquarters located in San Francisco and a London office that was announced in June.

The Dublin office is initially small, with nine job openings across various teams. OpenAI’s chief strategy officer, Jason Kwon, stated that the company plans to expand its workforce in Dublin in the near future.

While this office will not serve as OpenAI’s European headquarters, there are currently no executives running the office. Kwon emphasized the company’s deliberate growth strategy, ensuring that the company’s culture is firmly established in new offices before scaling up.

Dublin is a popular choice for tech companies, and OpenAI is no exception. The city offers access to a talent pool familiar with the culture of tech giants like Meta and Google. Additionally, Ireland provides a strategic location for engaging with Europe from both regulatory and business development perspectives.

Interestingly, tax implications did not influence OpenAI’s decision to open an office in Dublin, as the company is not yet profitable, according to Kwon.

It’s worth noting that OpenAI’s ChatGPT has achieved remarkable growth, becoming the second fastest-growing app in history, following Meta’s Threads app. This success has generated both excitement and concerns, leading to regulatory conflicts, particularly in Europe, where OpenAI’s data collection practices have faced criticism from privacy watchdogs.

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