Olu Maintain Goes Completely Broke And Evicted From His Home in Lagos???


Word on the street is that Olu Maintain, famed for his global hit, Yahooze, is flat broke. How broke you ask? Bad enough that there are reports that he has been served an eviction notice from his landlord as he can’t pay his rent. Can you actually imagine it? Olu Maintain Broke?
Currently, Olu Maintain lives on Akin Osiyemi street, Off Allen Avenue, in Ikeja, Lagos.

It’ll be an incredible turn of events, as 8 years ago, Olu Maintain had one of the biggest songs in Africa. Big enough that there’s a famous video of Colin Powell dancing to the song along with Olu Maintain. His debut album was also pretty big.

Olu Maintain also had a big tune in 2012, NAWTI, which featured American reality star, Natalie Nunn in the video.

Starboyteam – culled fro : http://www.starboyteam.com/2015/06/olu-maintain-goes-completely-broke-and.html


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