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By: Agwu, Amaka

In this interview, the CEO of “The Garment Factory” tells us about himself, talks about the company and proffers advice to other young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Kindly tell us about yourself           

My name is Koko Ikpe-Gemade, I am the C.E.O of The garment factory

gament factoryga,ent factory

What inspired you to start your business?

As it is known, Ankara is a major part of our culture and I began to notice a surge in its popularity both locally and intentionally. I wanted to be a part of it all which led to the introduction of these familiar prints in an array of fresh, new and versatile fabrications.

Can you tell us about your business – what the company does, the number of people you employ, the challenges you face?

The Garment Factory has been in business for four (4) years. We cater to clients locally and internationally, from Nigeria to Ghana, South Africa, the U.S. and the U.K. Basically, we produce traditional Ankara and Adire prints using unconventional fabrics, such as 100% authentic silk, satin crepe, moss crepe, Georgette and viscose jersey. We are best known for offering an array of exceptionally beautiful merchandise that’s both fashion forward and pleasantly sentimental.

Some of the challenges we face are, inadequate support from the government and inefficient amenities needed to run the business at its full potential.

What will you consider the achievements of your business so far?

One of the greatest achievements is transitioning from a retail structure to introduction of our whole sale business and this has been doing exceptionally well. Also being able to give excellent customer service delivery.

What will be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Do research and know the product you want to specialize in because there is nothing worse than a business owner who has little or no knowledge of his or her merchandise.

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  1. Went through the other profiles in these section and it’s the same textbook questions, no difference at all. They don’t tell any story about the entrepreneurs that inspires anything. Cliché much.


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