Of a country that wanted its president dead


While a section of Nigerians wanted and waited for the day President Muhamadu Buhari would be bundled home from his vacation, wrapped in a Green, white and Green colors, with the Jack lowered and the national flag fly half-mast, Buhari walked home and resumed his duties.

“Wishes “for real, are not Horses. Otherwise, falsehood would have acquired more capacity to fly-pass facts and factual, leaving the truth helplessly and haplessly beaten to submission oftentimes.

Although Muhamadu Buhari himself is not new to death wishes and chitchats. He has well eaten and sunk deep into it as such wicked conjecture is already a part of our national life.

Prior to the 2015 general elections, an advertorial of his impending loss, if voted into power, played host to the keenly contested elections, as was published in one of the National Dailies, by the Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayodele Fayose with the Caption – “North Be Warned.”

Fayose was eventually prevailed upon to suspend the advertorial straightaway by ‘voices of reasons’ as such practice negated the path of honor and wisdom in saner societies.  And as election campaigns are based on issues, not on the personalities.

But then again, following Buhari’s sojourn to the United Kingdom, having secured approval of the National Assembly, his death wishes surged again. Rumors of his demise quickly spread like a wild fire, and alleged condolences by notable world leaders were crafted and set in motion in the social media.

And his health became a subject matter. While his death news spread across the country, ultimatums were hurriedly placed on him by pressure groups to speak to Nigerians or show himself to the world or risk losing grip of his office as power would be transferred to prof. Osimbajo, his deputy.

Following this, London, became Nigeria’s next tourist destination. The political class started making trips to the UK in order to ascertain the veracity of the death claims bandied here. Each group came back with their group photos with Buhari, well seated in a sofa, but yet, many others discountenanced that as flukes or Photoshop.

And then again, president Buhari started making phone calls from his base in the UK to major political actors in the country, explaining the level of progress he was making in pursuance of good health, but that too, was dashed with the wave of the hand by many, as they believed their leader deserved death than life.

While this lasted, Fayose, the President’s antagonist dared Buhari to call him, as that would assuage his doubt and that of the opposition people’s Democratic Party, which was already organizing a trip to the UK to meet with the Nation’s leader, to ascertain his level of progress. But that too, could not fly.

In all these, one thing mattered most to President Muhamadu Buhari – the wishes of Nigerians for him as he had repeatedly pleaded while in London, after each visit by Nigerians, for prayers of his quick recovery.

But unfortunately, while there were wishes from Nigerians truly, the greater percent of it was in the negative as only a few persons believed and prayed genuinely for his heartfelt recovery.

Such size of hatred and dejection meted on him by this set of Nigerians must have unsettled Mr. President. He must still be battling with shock over the level of death rumors peddled and shared by this group of people for whatever reasons.

He would have been enmeshed in a long reflection and meditation over how the love and acceptance accorded him during the 2015 polls nosedived into death wishes and graduated into unquantifiable and un-imaginable abhorrence.

He would have been lost in a thought over the level of degeneration and deterioration of our societal value systems and its attendant loss of morals. The bandied and false condolences to Nigeria, as speculated in the social media by world leaders would stupefy him.

While in London and with the aid of his iPad, I am sure he would have read with unbelief, un-imagination and horrific cognition from non-existent and unverifiable sources, one of the stories, bandied in the social media, with the caption – “Queen Elizabeth condoles with Nigerians over Buhari’s death.”

And then, the killer-eye-catching story by similar sources with the caption– “AU observes one minute silence over Buhari’s death, sends condolence to Nigerians;” leaving Vanguard Newspapers and other media houses to warn people of fake websites.

It beats one’s imagination and understanding why a country would want its number one citizen dead. It saddens and offends the sensibilities of the right thinking members of the society, seeing a set of people harbor such ill feeling against one another.

While I am not in their mindset as to ascertain the reasons for this abhorrence, I have the premonition the biting economy, the Shiite-Muslim massacre, the Southern Kaduna killings, the brutal extermination of Biafra agitators, the Agatu-Benue killings, the invasion of Enugu and Abia State by Fulani herdsmen, the continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu of IPOB, Alhaji Zakyzaky of Nigerian Islamic Movement and Retired Col. Sambo Dasuki, were parts of the reasons many believed Buhari deserves death.

But whatever that means, “I insist President Buhari needs our love, empathy and prayers. He deserves good health like every other person, more so that he can see no one is indispensable including himself, so he can see transition waits for everyone,” Clem Aguiyi noted in his piece: “A healthy Buhari: A blessing for Ndigbo”

While that is noted, the government on the other hand, must do everything within its powers to pull Nigeria away from its present biting economic impasse as that would revive and resuscitate their faith in the ability of its leaders to steer the ship of the nation.

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja.

Email: gwiyisolo_info@yahoo.com


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