“Not Everyone Will Love You And That’s Okay” – How Correct Is This Kate Henshaw’s Advise?

Recently, Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw, took to social media to dish out some powerful advice to her fans and followers on learning to accept oneself in order to grow. The veteran actress posted a stunning photo of herself with the caption;

“Expectations of self should always be more than those of others…speak your truth and own it…Human beings are fickle…Know who you are and be more content or stive to be and do more…Not everyone will love you and that’s okay because you are not for everyone. Have an amazing day my lovelies. Live Love. Laugh”.

That caption totally knocked me off my feet and I will tell you why. You see, I use to be this kind of person that worries so much about what people think of me, how people see me. And once I get to a place and notice that people don’t really love my personality, I try to change some kinds of stuff about myself, I try to start acting in a certain way just so I can be accepted and mehn! It is the most frustrating and difficult tasks I have ever done. Because it is hard work faking it. 

One day I looked myself in the mirror and told the beautiful lady starring back at me, “Ann, you are enough. You are not perfect but you are enough and I love you”. I decided to ditch whatever negativity I had about myself. Like, I was going to start being myself no matter where I find myself; laugh as I would normally do; talk like I will normally do and just be myself.

The truth is that I am not everybody’s cup of tea, and neither are you and that’s more than okay. In fact, that’s great because it means we have distinct personalities, original ideas, personal opinions, and our own brands of creativity.

Once you make peace with the fact that not everyone is going to like you, you’ll be surprised how it feels—it’s as if a weight has been lifted off of you, and you feel freer. You no longer have to hide your real personality or try to conform to a more acceptable version of yourself. 

“Self-acceptance”, once we imbibe this in our lives, you will be surprised at how easy everything else will flow in our lives. It’s not everyone that is going to like you and that is okay. It’s not something you should take personally.

There are just some people who you won’t vibe well with. It’s not your fault they don’t like you. Someone may not like you because you share a personality characteristic of theirs and they’re not comfortable with it or they see something in you that reminds them of something they don’t like about themselves.

So like the screen diva, Kate Henshaw said, human beings are fickle. You should know who you are and be content or strive to be and do more. It is not everyone that will love you and that’s okay because you are not for everyone.

Have an amazing day ahead.

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