Northern Cross River And My Love For Prof. Ayade!


A few years ago there was the agitation that Northen Cross River State should produce a governor since the region had never produced a governor. Many people worked towards the emergence of a northern governor. Many fought to see that the area produces a governor through advocacies, campaigns and town hall meetings. I supported the idea of Cross River North producing a governor  because I saw it as a way of developing the ancient Ogoja province.

As a young man I have always believed in development. And when senator Liyel Imoke made the pronouncement that the governorship was going to  northern Cross River it gladdened my heart not because I am from the northern extraction, but because I want to see development in the area. Speedy development like what we have in the southern senatorial district.

It is no news that Cross River North is highly underdeveloped. The region is still backward and poorly developed. Without the basic amenities for the good people of the region.

I had joy in my heart when Prof. Ayade was given the ticket because I see him as a man who means for his people. A man who feels the pain of the poor. During his speech to  stakeholders from Cross River North on the 9th of April, 2015, at the Ogoja township hall, he made a promise to develop the region. In his words ” I shall dualize the road from Ogoja-Yala and down to the Obudu”. I shall bring meaningful development so that the world may know that when it was time for the north to produce a governor, they presented a shining star. I feel your pain my people and I am going to develop the Old Ogoja province. All I need is your support and prayers”.

My Governor, your people have given you their support and prayers. They prayed for you to become governor. They came out in their numbers to elect son as governor. Because they believe in you and what you represent. But sir, as I write this piece they are sad, your people are not happy. Sir, I stand to tell you the truth because I love you. I mean well for you. If there is any young man who wants Prof. Ayade to succeed,  it is Prince Thomas Abi Jr. I won’t follow those who would praise you without telling you the truth. No! My governor, I will tell you the truth because I love Cross River North, and what we represent.

Sir, our roads from Ogoja down to Obudu are very bad. The rainy season is here and the roads are not motorable. We probably need canoes to pass through our roads. My leader, you must do something speedily. Please do not say you are going to pay attention to the development of Cross River North during your second tenure my governor. We need to feel the presence that our son is governor. We need our roads working and having a face lift.

Sir, if I do not tell you the truth, that means I do not love you. Our people, are bitter, they saying you have put in one year without them seeing anything on ground. From the market woman, to the motorcyclist, civil servants, pensioners, politicians are complaining that there is no development. Even your aides are complaining that the development is slow. But just that they are too sycophantic and too scared to tell you the truth.

My governor, you are the shining star we presented. You are the light we see. We believe in your vibrancy, dogged and charismatic nature. We plead that you move quickly and develop Cross River North. Let our people be proud that we have a governor as our son. I do understand that the state is experiencing hard times due to poor allocation from the Federal government, but the truth is,  there is no time again. Sir,  you have spent one year, and you have just less than two year to work, with the last year for electioneering purpose. And so, my leader, the time is now, the time is now to hit the ground running. We need to see transformation and  accelerated growth.

My governor, there is no greater joy today in my heart than the fact that our long prayer of producing  a northern governor has come to reality. Sir, where you come from, we have the worse roads as speak in the state. The roads are in a sorry state. Very bad with deep potholes and stagnant water all the five Local governments that make up the Northern Senatorial District. I plead earnestly that you begin work on our roads.

I do understand how hard it is with you my governor. But your people need you. We need you to give the region a face lift. Speedy and accelerated infrastructure development. Human capacity development that are geared towards changing the economic fortunes of the common man in the region.
Sir, it is because of my love and believe in the philosophy of Ayadeism that I have decided to draw your attention on the bad nature of our roads and the poor development in the region.
I plead that you move swiftly towards changing the Abrahamic look which Northen Cross River wears.
I wish you well my governor and be rest assured of my regards and highest esteem.
God bless!
Prince Thomas Abi Jr.
Is a son of Cross River North


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