Nollywood is Africa’s film industry not Ghollywood – Majid Michel


Popular Ghanaian actor who is a common face in Nollywood, Majid Michel has said that the Ghanaian film industry, Ghollywood does not exist. This is contrary to the claim by some Ghanaians that Ghollywood rivals Nollywood.

He made the statement to the displeasure of Ghanaian fans in an interview on HITZ, a programme on Nigerian TV station ONTV.

Michel is certain about his opinion that Nollywood is the only film industry in Africa.

He said, “There is nothing like Ghollywood as some Ghanaians have claimed, but there is only Nollywood in Africa and it was Nigeria that came up with the whole idea and made it a reality for others to follow”.

There has been an outpouring of venom on the actor from Ghanaians who say his statement is not a patriotic one.


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