No Matter How Strong You Think You Are, Sometimes You Just Have to Flee


I’ve got two colleagues. One of them, a pastor; the other, a young man who says he once wanted to be a Reverend . He didn’t become one but he has a burning desire for the things of  God.

Some evenings, after work, Pastor leaves home for good ol’ evangelism. He takes the gospel to young people around campuses and hotels. He said he goes to hotels because that’s one place people on evangelism avoid like a plague. But because he knows most of the ladies there need to hear the good news, he takes it to them right in their den.

There is this notorious hotel near my place of work that he goes to often. The ladies are already used to his presence such that once they see his bike, some of them gather around and sit down to wait for him.

“Pastor you don come? Welcome. Wetin you get for us today?”

“Na Jesus l carry come as usual.”

“ Okay, we de hear you.”

They would watch him as he unzips his bible and proceeds to share the word with them.

The meetings usually occur in front of the hotel. He said through those encounters, two of the prostitutes were able to give their lives to Christ and returned back to the  villages where they came from. He is in constant follow up with them. While one is still holding on, the other one said life is very hard and she’s tempted to come back to the flesh business.

One day, he was together with my other colleague who would have loved to be a Reverend . Let’s call him Mr Mon. It was time for his evangelical rounds in Vina.  That’s the name of the hotel. Mr Mon decided to accompany him. They both have bikes so movement was very easy.

On getting to Vina,  they both parked their bikes and pastor went to sit down in front of the hotel as usual. Some of the prostitutes soon got wind of his presence. They came out of their rooms to listen to the good news. Soon, Pastor was enraptured in his work. He didn’t notice when Mr Mon slipped out.

 Firstly, he had never been to the hotel.

 Secondly, he thought instead of hanging around Pastor,  he might as well move around and share the gospel with some of the prostitutes who weren’t in the meeting with pastor. So off he went, the zeal to win a soul or two, burning inside of him.

He found himself in the compound where the rooms were situated. He saw a lone lady seated in the middle of the compound. As it is with most prostitutes,  this one was very pretty. She was wearing a very short and skimpy top that struggled in vain to hide her breasts.  He felt some  kind of pity that a pretty young thing like her  had to find herself enmeshed in the murky waters of prostitution. The zeal to save a soul became stronger and he walked up to her.

“ Good evening sister,” he greeted.

“ Good evening bros,” she replied. He didn’t look like any of the regulars that patronized them so she was curious.

 “I never see your face before and you no resemble those wey sabi come here. Na wetin bring you?“

“ I just came to share the gospel with you?”

She looked him straight in the eyes. A cold look that scared him. But he was determined to carry on so he wasn’t too flustered.

“ You check your time so?” she queried.  “ Business go soon start and na me dey in charge of all the girls for here. So l gas prepare for market.”

“ l will not take much of your time. I will be very brief,” he responded.

“ Okay, siddon,” she pointed at the chair that was directly opposite her.

Mr Mon sat down excitedly. He brought out his bible.

“ I want to tell you about Jesus, the son of God. I am sure this is not the  first time you have heard about him, is it?” he asked, looking up from his bible.

“ Continue, l de hear you,” she replied, reaching out for a box of cigarettes on the table in front of her. She removed one, lit it and puffed on it. Looking  Mr  Mon straight in the eyes, she blew  smoke in his face. The actions of reaching for the box, lighting the cigar and puffing smoke in his face, were done slowly and sensually. She meant business but Mr Mon was filled with fire. He didn’t let her distract him. He continued.

“ The bible says that, there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end,  that way leads only to destruction and death. As humans, there are certain decisions we make and certain lifestyles we live. Unless we come to the saving knowledge of Christ, our end will be death. The bible also says that God loves us so much that despite all of our short comings and our sinfulness, Christ died for us. Paul in the book of Romans 5:8 confirms this,” Mr Mon said as he bent his head to open to the scripture he had just quoted. The Prostitute was still smoking and puffing smoke in his direction.

When he raised his head, the sight he saw gave him a massive shock. His heart rate increased. He could even hear it beat so loud against his chest. He had never in his life seen such a sight before. He blinked his eyes several times in quick succession to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. No he was not. As his eyes adjusted to the sight in front of him, he knew he was done for. The fire he felt only a few minutes ago, had fizzled out.

Right in front of him were a pair of widely parted legs and a vagina staring back at him. Of course, his eyes went straight to the  doorway that heralds life into the world. It sat in between those legs, nude,  clean shaved, moist and shamelessly daring him to take a plunge.  Mr Mon had never seen a vagina stare right back at him in that manner before.

The prostitute knew she had caught him in the web of her seductive antics. All she needed to do was to spin the web tighter and he would be stuck and at the mercy of her femininity.  She slowly lifted one leg and crossed it on the other. With Mr Mon watching, she uncrossed both legs and slowly lifted them off the floor. Then she let them rest on the small table that held her box of cigarettes and lighter. Ever so slowly, she lifted them until her knees were inches away from her face. She let her feet rest on the table, parted her legs wide open once more and looked straight into Mr Mon’s eyes. Involuntarily, his eyes left her face and  travelled down again.  This time around, he not only saw the moist sight of her vagina,  he could also see a sizable chunk of her buttocks.


“ I de hear you, ”the prostitute cooed as she blew smoke in his direction. “ Continue ya preaching. ”


But Mr Mon had become tongue tied. The saliva had dried in his mouth. His brain had become blank. He couldn’t remember anymore what passage of the bible he was about to read before the drama started. He couldn’t even remember what message he had brought to the girl. All his eyes could see was a beautiful woman snaring him in; beckoning  on him to take a dive into her ocean of devilish pleasures.

Luckily for him, although his brain had gone blank, mercy came knocking and he remembered Joseph. He remembered that Joseph fled from the wiles of Potiphar’s wife, leaving his coat behind. He knew that if he didn’t want to get caught up in the snare of the prostitute,  He only had one option. FLEE!! And flee he did. Without another word to her, he got up and ran out of the compound. He didn’t even tell Pastor that he was leaving. Like Joseph who had an urgency to flee, that he left his coat behind, Mr Mon wanted to be far gone from that environment that he forgot he came with a bike. His house was not far from the hotel. He ran home and laid down on the bed.

When he was telling us the story, he said, for over one hour, he was not himself. The image of those widely opened legs kept playing over and over again on his mind. All kinds of emotions whirled inside of him as the image played in his head. He tried but he  couldn’t shut it out.

He was still lying there when his phone rang. It was Pastor.

“ Where you na?  l don finish and l wan begin go o.”

“ Wallahi Pastor, l de my house.”

“ Ah ah! You for tell me say you don de go na. I com siddon here de wait for you since.”


“No vex abeg. Na The thing wey my eyes see ehn! I no fit bear am. I just run. ”


“ Okay,” pastor laughed. “ l go com your house make you gist me. ” 

Pastor arrived at Mr Mon’s house and heard the story of what his friend had encountered. He laughed and spoke a few words of encouragement. He soon learnt that Mr Mon had left his bike at the hotel. He couldn’t bring himself to return there so he asked pastor to help bring the bike home. Pastor did just that.

While pastor still returns to the hotel from time to time to share the gospel, Mr Mon has never set foot on that premises again. He prefers to do his evangelism in safer zones.

A few days ago, someone reminded us of the story and we laughed and laughed. Mr Mon just sat there quietly. He didn’t say a word. He just looked on as we laughed at his expense. Can’t blame us though. That is one story that gets everyone of us laughing whenever it is retold.

Sometimes, when l am alone in my room and l remember Mr Mon and his encounter with the prostitute, l begin to laugh, especially at that part where he said when he got home, he was not himself for over one hour. Sometimes l try to imagine what went through his mind as he lay down there. Other times, l try to imagine the look on the prostitutes face as she watched him flee. Did she laugh her head off? Did she feel disappointed that she had failed in her scheme?

Why am l sharing this story?

There are some situations in which godliness or being all “diplomatically” nice will not help you at all. No matter how spirit filled and strongly disciplined  you are, there are some battles your strong morals or God  will never ever help you fight. We all have weaknesses and l understand that most of us  know what our weaknesses are. So when faced with such situations, the best option would be to FLEE. Even if it means losing something valuable to you, like Joseph who lost his coat  or forgetting  something of importance to you, like Mr Mon who forgot his bike, just Flee.

Sometimes, all it takes is just one plunge and you will find yourself losing everything fast. You would be lucky if you got everything back.

Better to FLEE than to  play.

Of course this message  isn’t for everyone. Let him who has ears hear.

Okay,  This is me sounding like a preacher, right? ‘Hehehehehe.’

Have a lovely week ahead.


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