By Immortal Stone

Nightfall at Chibok were nights with the devil;

For we spent nights sleeping with evils under drizzles,

Where untold pains were our masters transforming us into sex slaves and slave mistresses.

Sarcastically absurb as it may sound;

We laughed In tears for we knew Nigerians cared,

The media could tell;yet some still complained.

But we prevailed,because we knew God would intervene,

And so we wait.

Our Nigerian mothers and fathers prayed,

Our pakistananian sister-Mallala came with aid.

When nightfalls-they come.

We wished we could run for they show up with rods,cables

And koboko.

To whip and thrash our soft and tender buttocks.

O what torment we encountered;

So many cries we heard,stench mixed in gunpowder we in inhaled.

So many dead girls we beheld.

They forbid western education

Yet use bullets made of steel and explosives from across the high seas

Jamima is missing,Halimas body is filled with bruises and cuts.

I hear Amina escaped;into Sambisa;our hell,

Ifever she makes it out alive then she has made Heaven.

What brother would do such to his little tender sister;

Just to get at the Government;

Alas;only to get at our mothers a’gida.


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