Nigerians are greedy and selfish – Rwanda


High Commissioner of Rwanda to Nigeria, Joseph Habineza has said that Nigerians suffer from the diseases of greed and selfishness. He has also warned Nigerians not let what happened in his country, Rwanda in 1994 to happen in the country.

Also, he has taken a swipe at Nigerian politicians saying that the bad ones are more than the good ones.

The High Commissioner said, “The first disease Nigeria has is greed with selfishness”.

He continued, “The ongoing national conference is a good thing, but first of all, individually, the delegates should have self-transformation, because you can be in the conference and from there you go and call your friend who is a member of Boko Haram to attack. So nothing is going to come out from there if you are not committed to the peace of your country”.

“The fact is there are bad politicians and there are good politicians, but the bad ones are so evil; they can use all means to get what they want”, he added.


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