Nigerian Women Are Gracious, Charismatic – Mikel Obi’s Russian girlfriend


…Wishes her kids inherit the African Pride

Mikel Obi’s Russian girlfriend, Olga Diyachenko, has revealed that what interests her about Nigeria is the grace and charisma Nigerian women carry.

Mikel, Olga and their twin daughters – Ava and Mia – are in Nigeria for a visit.

Olga said Nigerian women impress her most with the aura of hope, grace, African culture and pride not minding the widely reported insecurity in the country.

In an Instagram post, the Olga said Nigeria women are full of so much grace, charisma and not a shred of insecurity. “Nigeria, what a surprise you’ve turned out [to] be.

“But, if I’m to say what impressed me most, it’s the women. So much grace, charisma and not a shred of insecurity. Nigerian women walk swaying their beautiful hips with their backs impeccably straight, heads held high, knowing their worth.

“Their attitude is strong, yet very sensual, regardless whether it’s a wealthy woman walking through a 5-star hotel or a young girl crossing the road at 7am rushing to work.

“Although, may I say, Nigerian women do not rush, nor do they fidget, they simply glide. The way Nigerian women preserve their culture and traditions is admirable.

“They don’t chase international designers or dress according to Vogue, they wear beautiful traditional dresses, dance the traditional dances and do it all with pride!

“I hope Ava and Mia will inherit the calmness, sense of pride, posture and self worth that I’ve witnessed Nigerian women posses with such ease. Nigerian women hat off to you! #Nigeria #Pride #Women,” she wrote.


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