Nigerian Soldiers Attack Refugees, Kills 3

Some Nigerian soldiers have reportedly attacked a settlement area in Abuja, killing at least three refugees.

BBC Hausa radio reported that the incident occurred at the weekend when soldiers stormed Durumi settlement and shot three people dead while others escaped with various degrees of injury.

It was reported that most of the victims were from Gwoza town of Borno State, who took refuge in the area after the terrorists group, Boko Haram took over their town.

According to one of the victims, who spoke on condition of anonymity said he managed to escape, adding that the soldiers came at midnight and started shooting and arresting people.

“Around, we were all asleep, when we heard gun shots. Some of us started to run. I told myself that I would not run, since I have not committed any wrong. Everyone ran but I remained lying down in my room,” he said.

The witness further disclosed that the soldiers while searching their rooms, arrested whoever they saw.

“But unknown to us, the soldiers had shot two of our people. After we returned to our rooms, we saw their bodies. If you check the room, you will see blood everywhere. Having seen that, I told my colleagues that we are not supposed to sleep in the place again, because they (soldiers) would likely comeback for the bodies. I advised that we should all go back into the bush,” he said.

He said those that were injured comprised two people that were shot, but quickly rushed to the hospital with bullet wounds on their bodies for medical attention.

He said they were many in the settlement but could not give a specific number because some people recently arrived from Gwoza to join them.

“They decided to come here because of their relatives that are here in Abuja. Most of them are not doing any business here,” he said.

However, the military authorities could not be reached for comments.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Army on October 12, 2014, arrested several soldiers fighting in the North Eastern part of the country for giving vital security information to members of the terrorists group, Boko Haram.

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