Nigeria won’t break up in 2015, says IBB


Former military President General Ibrahim Babangida yesterday stated that Nigeria will not disintegrate in 2015 as supposedly predicted by America.

Speaking in his Minna country home with reporters ahead of his 72nd birthday today, the former Nigerian leader said that such predictions “will make Nigeria to emerge stronger and more united come 2015.”

His words:  “Folks, forget about disintegration in 2015. I can’t see it happening. A country that will disintegrate, you will know it. It is not something that happens in one or two months. The disintegration of Nigeria is just out of question.”

He noted that the prediction was meant to instill fears in Nigerians.

”People say all sorts of things to instill fear in others. If the majority of the people believe in the unity of the country, then why do they worry about someone saying it will disintegrate? I know it wouldn’t. People are just crying wolf.

“Nigeria is one of the amazing countries we have in the world. If you live outside Nigeria and you hear and listen about the happenings in the country, you will think the world is coming to an end, only for you to come to the country and see the people, they are happy, laughing, attending football matches and doing other things. That is Nigeria for you.”

Babangida also noted that just like the predicted Nigeria break up in 2015, the prediction that the 2015 election would be marred by violence will not happen, as “2015 election will come and go.

“There are people assigned the responsibility for the election. The politicians, the followers who will vote, aspirants seeking people’s mandate, they are all in place. It is not a rat race.”

 “What we need are leaders who have good understanding of what we want to achieve and look for people who share the same view and work with them.”

He described the former president Obasanjo as one of the people who have the interest of the country at heart.  

“My boss, General Obasanjo, there is one thing that we cannot take away from him; he believes in the unity of the country. You can’t take it away, and this is what we all believe in.

“So, anyone who believes in the unity of this country at any level, I think should be the leaders to vote for,” he added.


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