Nigeria: New Association Emerges with 17-point Freedom Agenda


A nascent political association is currently springing up in Nigeria with a seeming ambitious 17-point freedom agenda.

The group, Chamber for Nigerian Freedom, is branding itself as an association of Nigerians and Nigeria’s communities for the purpose of nation-building and fight against corruption.

To flower, the group states on its website that it will be creating self-reliance and self-dependency for the citizenry and communities through training, employment, empowerment, partnership, problem-solving, community development, provision of social amenities, human capacity development and democratic consolidation.

‘’Our mission is to rebuild Nigeria and fight for the freedom of Nigeria and Nigerians entirely. We have collectively developed. The plans it requires to rebuild Nigeria and acquire freedom’’, the group says on its website.

According to it, Nigeria comprises of states, local government, communities and citizens. ‘’To rebuild Nigeria we must rebuild our states first, to rebuild our states we must rebuild our local government areas first, to rebuild the local government areas we have to rebuild our communities first and to rebuild our communities we must rebuild the indigenes of our communities first. That’s where effective practical education and empowerment should come in first.’’

Continuing, it said, ‘’our struggle for nation-building shall attain freedom for Nigeria and Nigerians to enable us to enjoy our full citizenship freedom.

Their war cry is targeted at freeing Nigeria from ‘’corrupt practices, bad governance, political godfatherism, mono-economy, insecurity, poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, petty Illness, bad roads, water scarcity, talent death, nepotism, health Issues, bigotry, discrimination, and injustice.’’

Adding, the group said the actualisation of their dreams shall be made possible by collaborating with the teaming concerned Nigerian philanthropists, defenders of democracy, human right activists, educationists, entrepreneurs, legal practitioners, youths, professionals, artisans, the elderly, the young and every other living Nigerian including yourself.

Insisting, the group says its aims and objectives shall be achieved through: Free skill acquisition, free education, talents/skill support, job creation, citizens’ empowerment, free representation of Innocent Nigerian in legal issues, upholding of Nigerian laws, development/strengthening of sectors abandoned by the government, Nigerians’ business ideas support and investment.

Others are through business partnership development, individual problem solving, creation of rehabilitation centres to curb drug addiction, community development, sports development and promotion, manufacturing of importable goods, human capacity development, alleviation of commodity prices, and fight insecurity.


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