Nigeria Needs Interim Govt, Suspended Constitution to be Rebranded – Chris Okotie


In an interview with newsmen in Lagos, Pastor of the Household of God International Ministries, Rev. Chris Okotie, opined that Nigeria needs to suspend the Constitution and alter the trend in the polity to turn the country around for good. Okotie who is the presidential candidate of the Fresh Democratic Party (FDP) in the 2019 elections, also opened up on why he is contesting for the Presidency for the fourth time and how he is going to form his government.


As we move towards 2019, are you satisfied with the preparations so far made by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)?

I have often said that INEC is a quango. It is an organisation set up by the government to oversee an area of public interest and to develop that area. It is usually under the auspices of the subsisting government and the remuneration is determined by that subsisting government.

To that extent INEC is incapacitated ab initio. It is not possible that such an organisation would meet all the requirements in an evolving democracy like we have. Be that as it may we can only take what is available.

This is your 4th time contesting the presidential election, are you still insisting you entered the race on divine instruction?

If you read my letters to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I said that my foray into politics is at the impetus of the Almighty God because there is no other way you can rationalise my not being a part of either the APC or the PDP because democracy is a game of numbers.

But because I have been propelled and galvanised by the divine will to maintain a certain position until the fulfillment of time when Nigerians will come to recognition of the things that I am saying that is why I have not joined either the APC or the PDP because my mandate is from above.

Your letters to the APC and the PDP was in July, today both parties have fielded candidates for the polls. What next?

The letters were calculated at drawing attention to the realities that confront our nation, which I called existential threats for which I made overtures to these bigger parties, that for the sake of our nationalistic existence as a people they must be willing to lay aside partisan sentiments and partisan affiliations for the greater good of our nation because at this juncture of our existence, no political or partisan equilibrium will deliver Nigeria from the present quagmire.

I wrote to them saying that we need to embrace a new paradigm that revolves around an interim government or an ad hoc caretaker government with the responsibility of addressing these existential threats. They have proceeded in the natural sequence of events to obtaining their flag bearers, but I still maintain that the realities in the future will still compel them to come back to the Chris Okotie proposition because that is the only practical way forward.

How do you reconcile being a presidential candidate with your proposition?

The government that I propose is going to be by consensus. What that means is that when I have emerged I will set up a government that would address these aberrations. It will be an interim government because it will not involve the legislature, governors, ministers and commissioners. It will not be the usual governmental prolixity built after a cycle of elections because these threats that confront our nation is so fundamental that only a government of this nature can address them.

That is why I talk about restructuring, the moribund constitution that we have and reconciliatory moves that must be made to bring our people together to form a cohesive nation. These things can only be achieved by an interim government. We will do this by consensus; the present constitution will be suspended and the government becomes a de facto government which then later proceeds later on to become de jure by consensus. It is very easy to do.

You say it is very easy? How can a government run without the legislature and ministers?

That is why it will be an interim government. Its terms of reference are aberrations that must be ratified because if you do not have that kind of government you can’t deal with the problems on ground. It has to be a government structured with the responsibility to address certain difficulties and cleavages that have overwhelmed the Nigerian nation, it is doable and that is why I call it aboriginal democracy.

The process will be compartmentalised into cultural historicity, evolutional modernity and global relativity as the indigenous mechanisms for translating these vision into reality because if we don’t do it now, Nigeria will implode and when this happens it is the masses that will suffer. Another APC government is not going to change the status quo and another PDP government is not going to change the status quo.

This has nothing to do with both parties but the realities that confront us today as a nation that Nigerians must be willing to embrace a paradigm shift, a lateral thinking that is totally away from what we know as the political processes that we have been used to


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