Nigeria Is The World’s Second Largest Consumer Of Champagne


Some of the quirkier snippets from the news in Africa that you did not know …..

1) Tunisians drink wine during Eid

Some Tunisians drink wine as part of their their Eid al-Fitr celebrations, so much so that wine sales are typically double that of normal times of the year.

2) Mosquitoes are particularly good at sniffing out your breath

Biologists who recorded the movement of hungry mosquitoes found they were instantly attracted to a plume of CO2 similar to human breath.

3) Nigeria is the world’s second largest consumer of champagne

Chief executive of Southern Africa Luxury Association Silvana Bottega told the BBC’s Milton Nkosi at the luxury and wealth summit in Johannesburg that Nigeria has now become the second largest consumer of champagne, after France.

4) It took over five years to paint Mandela’s life

Cape Town-based, Chinese-born artist Cui Ning put the finishing touches on Thursday to a painting about the life of South Africa’s first black president, Nelson Mandela, which has taken him more than five years to complete.


5) A ‘bulldozer’ could be Tanzania’s next president

Tanzania’s current Minister of Works John Magufuli has been nicknamed “the Bulldozer” by outgoing President Jakaya Kikwete because of his no-nonsense attitude to getting work done. He was picked last weekend as the ruling CCM party’s presidential candidate for elections in October.


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