Nigeria 2014 And Redemption Songs


Last week I shared with us my New Year resolution; this week’s admonition ordinarily should have come first. But you will agree with me, this is Nigeria where nothing is, as it seems. So like we all say better late than never.

The original title of this admonition is ‘my prophecies for 2014’. Like I apologized, this is coming late, because the likes of Prophet TB Joshua, Pastor Adebayo, Bishop Oyedepo, and a host of others have seen ahead of me. Importantly, however is the ability to see, and in this case, I have seen, I saw and may we conquer.

Very quickly, I find TB Joshua’s prophecy on the All Peoples Congress APC–summary of which is they would have leadership problems, a general prophecy. I equally saw that prophecy too; in fact the fulfillment is playing out.

One ‘prophet so-so’ even went further to say that APC would win the 2015 polls but the courts will give it to current President Jonathan. I did not see it at all; my vision was blurred on that one.

An analogy of most of the prophecies conclude that prominent men would die, of course I saw that too, depending on one’s definition of ‘prominent’, already they are dying, from the two-day governor in Ekiti state, to Ariel Sharon, former PM of Israel.

There were few crystal ball sightings about plane crashes, and all the Nigeria may break alarms.

Before we lose patience, what are my prophecies, my predictions for 2014: they are not much but I dare say, they will definitely happen or not happen.

I saw that Nigeria would not break; Nigeria will not fail or fall, because it already has. We are not united, but we are one in corruption, one in greed, one in maladministration and misgovernance, we are united in soccer too.

This nation won’t fail in 2014, neither will it fall. It already did since day one, whether 1914 or 1960. It won’t break because borrowing from former president Obasanjo ‘near-saints and near-devils’ would continue to conglomerate and govern us whether in PDP or APC–they are same difference.

So the search for purposeful leadership and citizenship with direction will continue in 2014.

In 2014 the stealing would continue, more monies would disappear in all tiers of government.

In 2014, it would be another year of strikes, already polytechnic teachers are on theirs, doctors are not only restive at the national level but warning in some states. Health workers are not left out. In Nassarawa state workers are on strike already.

Teachers at primary level will strike in many states as governors will increase the tempo of stealing preparatory to 2015.

Yes, like prophet Jeroboam, of Wole Soyinka’s famed Jero plays, I danced, with eyes closed and spoke in tongues not known to me and I saw probes, probes, and more probes. As usual, 2014 will be another year of probes and panels. The various state assemblies will follow the lead of the National Assembly in probing and investigating.

And as I saw probes, I saw committees, while government will set more committees, citizens will ask for probes, men whose wives refused to conceive will be probed and committees set up. The Bar Association has already called for a probe into the Ahaoda High Court Bombing. So in 2014 prepare oh ye Nigerians for probes aplenty both high and low powered.

The chairman, Northern Governors Forum, Babangida Aliyu, has also joined, calling on the federal government to properly investigate the recent attack on the district head of Madobi, Musa Kwankwaso, father of Kano State governor, Rabiu.

APC has called on the National Assembly last week to probe/investigate the blockage of the Gombe state airport that prevented a plane carrying its party chiefs.

Just so we know, none of these investigations/probes will be people or result centered.


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