Niger Delta Avengers Demand Sovereign State, Vow to Cripple Economy


In a press release issued by the Niger Delta Avengers, the new militant group stated that its goal is to establish an independent, sovereign Niger Delta state.

Since the group’s inception in April, the Niger Delta Avengers have carried out acts of sabotage on the region’s oil blocs in an effort to cripple Nigeria’s economy. Attacks include the blowing up of a Chevron platform in Delta State and crude oil lines that feed oil to the Warri and Kaduna refineries.

In the press release signed by their spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, the group vowed to continue their attacks, but emphasized that they are only targeting oil blocs, not people.

Read the full press release below:

“From the high command of the Niger Delta Avengers we congratulating all strike teams of the Avengers without taking any innocent life or that of the Nigeria military we were able to shut down 50% of crude production.

We have been seeing a lot on the media about us. Some are asking, “Who are you avenging?” some calling us empty heads, ex-agitators have been condemning us on daily basis. Our criticizer from other part of the country, we don’t have any thing to tell you because you clearly don’t know how life is in the region.

To our criticizers from the region we want you to know you are all cowards and afraid to stand for your people.

To ex-agitators of the likes of Tompolo, We know why you people are after us. Our agitation is more civilize than yours the Niger Delta Avengers is more concern with people of Niger Delta unlike you (ex-agitations) that were into kidnapping, killing of Nigeria soldiers, sea pirates, vessel and tanker hijacking. But we were able to carry out all our operations without killing a fly. We have sophisticated arms far better than what you use to have during your kidnapping days.

After the amnesty Programme you (ex-agitators) has been enjoying patronize from the government and royalty from multinational oil companies. While we (Avengers) have been strategizing on how the voice of the Niger Deltans can be heard. we are fighting a radical fight without taking any life.

Lets make it clear, to you our elder brothers (ex-agitators) that we are not begging you to join this agitation. We are young, educated, well travelled and most of us were educated in east Europe but don’t worry when we achieved our goal (sovereign state of Niger Delta) then you people will be proud of us. In as much as we respect you as our elder brothers (ex-agitators) please don’t dare to stand on our way because if you do we will crash you.

To the citizens of the Niger Delta who share same idea with us we thank you all. Just know that no amount of criticism within and outside the region can stop us.

For the record the Niger Delta Avengers is enjoying the blame game going around.

To the Nigeria military the Niger Delta avengers is among you. And we know all your plans so we will always ten steps ahead of you. In our meeting comprising all heads of the strike teams, which was held in Bayelsa. The Niger Delta Avengers high Command comes to the conclusion that, if the military harass or invade any community in the region then you (Nigeria military) will get a feel of the Avengers.

If you smart or intelligent enough you will look inward not outside. We know when you are vulnerable but not take our calmness for granted.

To our brothers from Easterner Nigeria, whom have been condemning and calling us names. The simple fact you are living comfortable doesn’t mean we like you.

The Commander of Strike team 9 of the Niger Delta Avengers is from Eastern Nigeria so no body should limit this struggle to the Ijaws of the Niger Delta only. The leader of the strike team 6 that blew up chevron valve platform is Itsekiri. The Commander of our elite team strike team one is from Akwa Ibom.

So if you are calling us empty heads just know you brothers are part of Niger Delta Avengers as well.  Avengers is different from former agitators who limited the struggle to just the Ijaws

To international Oil Companies, this is just the beginning and you have not seen anything yet. We will make you suffer as you have been made the people of Niger deltans suffered over the years from environmental degradation, and environment pollution.

To the President of Nigeria Buhari, we are sure you have not been to the creeks of the Niger delta before and 90% of your cabinets does not know how the region looks like. You think the Niger delta region is full of animals, who are going to frustrate your government. Your government that is not following rule of law, unlawful detention of innocent people just likes of Nnamdi Kanu. All he wanted was to let his people go. Nnamdi kanu didn’t carry any arm against this country but was incarcerated. We want you to know that’s no civilize President will behaves this way. If that is how you devised to run the country we will prefer you do that in the northern region.

When couples are tired of living together to make peace they go their separate ways. That is what Nnamdi kanu and the Niger deltans are asking.

You always say you fought for the unity of this country during the civil war. You haven’t been to the Niger delta, how can you know what the people are facing I believe your Vice will tell how the region is suffering and under developed when he visited the forcados terminal. That is if he ever looks out of his helicopter window.

  1. Apo Well was award to Sapetro Oil owned by Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma .Apo field is capable of producing 300,000 barrels per day and crude reserve of 500 million barrels.
  2. OML 110 Obe oil field own by Alhaji Mai Daribe, Cavendish Petroleum with an estimated 500 million barrel of crude oil that worth $50 billion dollars after tax.
  3. Akpo condensate field was awarded to Sapetro Oil owned by Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma. This field worth $100 billions of dollars.
  4. OML 112 and OML 117 were awarded to AMNI International Petroleum Development Company owned by Colonel Sanni Bello. Son inlaw to former Head of State. Gen Abdulsalami Abubakar. Its worth $150 Dollars after tax.
  5. OML 115 also known as Oldwok field and Ebok field was awarded to Alhaji Mohammed Indimi.  Inlaw to former Head of State Gen. Ibrahim Babangida the two fields worth $200 billion Dollars.
  6. OML 215 was awarded and operated by Nor East Petroleum Limited owned by one Alhali Saleh Mohammed Gambo. The field worth $100 billion Dollars after tax.
  7. OML 108 awarded to Express Petroleum Company owned by Alhaji Aminu Dantata. This field worth $128 billion Dollars.
  8. OML 113 was allocated to Yinka Folawiyo Petroleum Limited owned by Alhaji W. I. Folawiyo. Net worth is $150 billion Dollars.
  9. Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero cousin to the Emir of Kano, Lamido Sanisu, owns ASUOKPU/UMUTU marginal oil fields. It worth $110 billion Dollars.
  10. Inter is owned by Atiku Abubakar, Yara dua and Ado Bayero has a substantial stakes in the oil and gas exploration in the Niger Delta of Nigeria.
  11. AMNI International Petroleum Company owns OML 112 and OML 117. Former Minister of Petroleum and OPEC Chairman Rilwanu Lukman has major stakes in AMNI International Petroleum Company.
  12. OML 67 is operated Afren Plc. Rilwanu lukman also has a major stakes and the field worth $180 billion Dollars.
  13. OPL 245 is awarded to Malabu Oil and Gas owned by Dan Etete. Former President Obasanjo and former Vice President Atiku Abukbakar all has major shares. It worth $50 billion Dollars.
  14. OPL 289 and OPL 233 was awarded to Cleanwater Consortium, the two fields worth $200 billion Dollars. Former Governor Peter Odili of River State, Obasanjo and Sultan of Sokoto has major Stakes.
  15. OPL 288 was awarded to focus Energy Senator Andy Uba, Obasanjo, and Gen Theophilus Y Danjuma are the major stakeholders. The field worth $70 billion Dollars.
  16. OPL 291 was awarded to Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited owned by Emeka Offor. The field worth $100 billion Dollars.
  17. Mike adenuga’s Conoil controls and operates Six (6) oil blocs and exports about 500,000 barrels of crude oil daily. These 6 oil bloc worth $500 billion Dollars.

From our analysis above, 90% oil blocs are allocated to individuals from northern Nigeria and some confused elements from the region are calling the Niger Delta Avengers names, some are calling us criminals. Our question to these groups of individuals calling us names are; where were you when all these atrocities were happening to the people of the Niger Delta? IT’S A PITY.

To owners and operators of these oil blocs in our region the Niger Delta Avengers is giving you two weeks ultimatum to shut down your operations and evacuates your staff. If at the end of the ultimatum and you still operating. We will blow up all the locations. It will be bloody. So just shut down your operations and leave.

There is rumor that oil has been discovered in the North East. How will you feel if this found oil is been managed by Niger Deltans. We are very sure the Niger deltans wont even have 2% oil bloc if oil is really found in the Northeast. If you didn’t shut down we will shut your stations permanently for you.

No agent or representative of the Avengers has called the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, Group Managing Director, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu to threat his life.

To all International Oil Companies, Indigenous Oil Companies and Contractors if anyone called saying there members of Avengers please not listen or take them serious because our ideology and belief is far from that.

Once again on behalf of all the commanders of the avengers strike teams we congratulate our loyal and gallant soldiers who put human life before their targets. On behalf of the Niger Delta people we said congratulation as we have cripple the Nigeria economy by 50% by the grace of God we will make it 100% if our demands are not met soon.

By October 2016 we will display our Currency, Flag, Passport, our ruling Council and our Territory to the world.

To the United Nations, we are not asking for much but to free the people of the Niger Delta from environmental pollution, slavery, and oppression.  We want a country that will turn the creeks of the Niger delta to a tourism heaven, a country that will achieve its full potentials, a country that will make health care system accessible by everyone. With Niger delta still under the country Nigeria we can’t make it possible. So we are calling on the Ban Ki-Moon Secretary General United Nations and all Heads of the government of the five Permanent Security Council members to come to the aid of Niger delta people. We are calling on world leaders to come to the Niger delta to see the atrocities committed by the Nigeria government.

Long Live the Niger delta Avengers.

Long Live the Niger Delta.”

Col. Mudoch Agbinibo



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