NFF Chieftain To Quit If Keshi’s Lawsuit Succeeds


Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) disciplinary committee deputy chairman Leo Iyke Igbokwe has asked Stephen Keshi to withdraw his lawsuit or face embarrassing situations. Igbokwe said that Keshi will lose the case, adding that he will resign as a lawyer, if the Former coach wins.

The NFF also claims to have incriminating evidences to flaw Keshi in court. They advised him to sue the Ivorien football federation for listing his name among the coaches they wanted to employ. According to, Barrister Igbokwe also said “The Disciplinary Committee was very meticulous in handling the case. I can conveniently tell you that Keshi breached almost five to six clauses in his contract. Don’t forget that we intercepted his proceedings because we want to give him the opportunity to tackle the Ivorien FA for including his name among the applicants for the job and for us to travel to Cote d’Ivoire to confirm first hand if he actually applied for the job.” He added, “But after the two weeks period, Keshi did not query the Ivoriens and of course, our Chairman, Barrister Chris Green that went to Cote d’Ivoire, brought evidences, where Keshi along with other applicants were published.” “Let me tell you confidently that the court will throw away the N1 billion compensation Keshi demanded from the federation. It is obvious that the people advising him to institute this litigation want to extort money from him. I want to warn Keshi that the court is for everybody not Keshi alone. The federation will be going to equity with clean hands as far as this case is concerned.” “We are going to match Keshi in court with the overwhelming materials in our possession. Barrister Green, Barrister Majeoku and myself are battle ready for Keshi. I assure you that Keshi’s case is not going to go the way of Sylvanus Okpala because Okpala’s case was very clear,” he said. Keshi has dragged Nigeria’s football governing body-Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to court for “wrongful dismissal and defamation.” Keshi was sacked as Super Eagles’ head coach by the NFF on the 5th July, 2015.

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