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The ‘National Conscience Conference, 2016’ is one of the strategies of National Conscience to start the discussion of ‘Christians in transformation’, and develop clear strategies for national transformation using Christians as CATALYSTS.

The ‘National Conscience Conference, 2016’ will converge over 1,500 Nigerian Christian thought leaders, entrepreneurs, captains of industries, public office leaders, influencers, politicians, clergies, entertainers, sports personalities, etc., including those in the diaspora for a one-day activation conference. This bespoke event is scheduled to hold in Abuja and shall feature prominent Nigerians as resource persons to speak the truth needed to power the transformation process. There shall also be strategy breakout sessions, a post conference call-to-action campaign, prayers for the nation and special musical performances. The event shall be streamed live for global viewership, participation and buy-in.

Conference Venue and Time

The conference will hold on Saturday, 24th September 2016 at Summit Bible Church, Plot 1101 Kaura District, between Games Village and Prince & Princess Estate, Abuja. Time is 9:00 AM.

Conference Theme

The theme for the inaugural conference is ‘THE SALT FACTOR’. Until the salt leaves the saltshaker and goes into the soup, its impact remains dormant and thus not felt. It is time for Nigeria to feel the greater impact of the salt! Nigerian Christians must know that as we are the salt of the earth, Nigeria will not be transformed until we play our definite creative, entrepreneurial and leadership roles.

Christians must know that they are responsible for the way our country is, and whether it gets better or worse. We cannot remain ‘at ease in Zion’, just praying behind church walls and wishing for transformation to happen. We must step out and engage the system with our salt factor. It is time for the salt to get into the soup because Nigeria is earnestly waiting!


  • To create a platform for Christians to discuss their definite roles as salt in transforming Nigeria
  • To galvanize Nigerian Christians to step out of the church walls and get actively involved in all aspects of our national life, including mainstream politics, governance, business, charity, etc.
  • To get the Nigerian Christians and Church to set examples and BEHAVE in ways that clearly demonstrate that they are SALT in all aspects of our national life.

Target Audience

The conference intends to host over 1,500 delegates spread across the following groups:

  • Christian political leaders in the executive, legislature and judiciary at all levels
  • Christian business executives and captains of industries
  • Christians in government and the civil service the executive, legislature and judiciary at all levels
  • Faith based men, women and youth associations
  • Christian business and professional associations
  • Christians of all denominations
  • Church leaders and intellectuals.

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