My father proposed to me—help! help!! help!!!



Dear Auntie Dora,

It all started when I lost my parents and was left on the street roaming without shelter and a home to call my own. I was the only child of my parents and I enjoyed comfort while they were alive but as soon as the cruel hands of death snatched them away in a ghastly auto crash, I was left in this lonely path of life to tread. I was denied everything that rightfully belongs to me and thrown out to wander on the street.

One day as I was wandering on the street in Apapa looking for food to eat, I developed malaise and was dehydrated, I collapse and fainted. Through the timely intervention of a lovely family, I was resuscitated.

I woke up to find myself in the hospital, the couple paid my bills and I was discharged to go home but there was no home for me. I narrated my ordeal to the family who I never knew were childless and they offered to take me to their home where I suddenly found home and true love. I was sponsored to the university where I studied Medicine.

My foster mother developed cancer and died after countless efforts to make her stay alive. It was a huge loss for me as I was deprived again, the joy of mother’s love.

So many years have gone by without my dad remarrying. I was on call at the hospital when I received a message from dad to come home and attend to an important and pressing issue. I had to call a colleague to stand in for me and dashed home.

When I got home, lo and behold, my dad was at the door kneeling down with a bouquet of roses in his hand and a ring beautifully wrapped in a box proposing to me. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I ran to my room and violently closed the door behind me.

It is two weeks since this happened and dad has refused to eat or drink and I fear losing him. Please what do I do? Accept his proposal or just walk away and never return?

 Please, I need your timely response!


Dear xxxxxx, you need to calm down. There is always an answer to every puzzle. Well, follow your heart. I’ll throw this to The News Chronicle readers to air their view on the issue.



  1. It’s realy a hard one here but i’ll suggest you follow your heart dear. He’s like a father thus it’s damn difficul to marry your father, let him see and understand your reasons. If he doesn’t, walk away to a new life though it’ll be difficult

  2. Hmmmmm….. Its really a tough one. But the truth is that nobody can tell u what to do. U have to make d decision yourself or speak to pple that know ur foster family and hear their opinion. Then prayerfully make up ur mind.

  3. This is not bod everything talk about here is ok.
    About that ladi who’s father want to. Married there is konwn bod in what that man did but there is one thing to find out and if it. Is true that the wife dead of cancer like she said, if it is true then if she think she can love him, then she can go ahead. .and if. She can be able to love him back that will be a hard one but before GOD that marrieg is not a good one becouse of the problem tht it will create at the end if that man has anyther children. From his fristh wife,thanks

  4. its a yess or no answer dear….seek the face of God,if your heart decides to say yess,dnt feel quity about it…if the answer is no,sit him down,appeal to him,tell him how grateful you ære and take a walk….dont feel quity

  5. Wow! Dis is tough, threatening and sad, a poor child who by Gods grace has a home and family she belongs 2 wakes up 1 morning and is faced with a dilema dis Huge, dear lady its impossible 2 marry a man dat is a Father 2 u, it doesnt feel rit although noting is wrong in him proposing 2 u after years of his wife demise, so i advice u sit him down and plead with him 2 see moral reasons u cant marry him, may God. See u tru in dis trying times IJN.

  6. I would say your father must had thought very hard about this for him to feel that you are the one to fill that position. Again age matters, you made no reference to ages so I cant justify the decisions or thoughts of actions. Runing is not the issue because its something that can be resolved with dialogue. If you wish to have a father figure in your life then marrying him is out of the question. If that’s not a problem then you need to ask yourself if you can deal with the idea of marrying the man you call dad bearing in mind you are not related biologically. Again you need to consider your mum, his wife who you said is now dead, God rest her soul, would she like the idea, maybe she had encourage him to do so, for you to take her place. May be! Its your destiny to be with him. Overall prayer is key, just go into prayer and seek the wisdom of God concerning it. But remember no decisions you take is bad based on your relations with him. About leaving him and never return, since he now has an interest in you, if he can deal with a No for an answer (obviously he doesn’t expect a straight Yes from you…on a second thought he might be thinking about how he managed to say he wants to marry you, like as you said he is not eating his food, this is also a difficult thing to for him to go ahead with if he is geninuely a good person because he knows you call him dad) then all he needs is support and with time he will find another person. If he can’t deal with a No for answer and its obvious you have to leave the house(note only if he no longer sees you as a daughter or more or less, makes advances at you), find a place to stay and see how things go but never abandon him now especially now he needs support.

  7. Don’t mind dat man jare make him go lie down for to fink of it if u were d biological daughter him go dey talk dat trash? Men self dem Sabi fall hand. If u like chop waiting ur late mama. Chop remain nah for dream u go see her wit mota hand

  8. Good story but you guys would have saved the mind pollution by making it clear that it was her foster father that proposed…the caption of the news was unnecessary and polluting. Please take note. My foster father proposed to me would have been a better one. Don’t sell our sanity for likes,comment and fame….#proudlyAfrican

  9. Never u try to marry him,it may just sexual ogy dat is haveing for u.u cant marry a person dat u called a father wen he was wit his wife and now becos d wife is dead he want u to marry dat u have ur carrier in ur hands as a medical doctor and u know u cant suffer again call him and talk some sence into his hear,dont be harsh wen talking to me.tell him everything he has done for u and dat u can nt marry him dat u see him as a father,ask him if u marry him who ar u going to be calling ur father.and he may be older than u by sit him down and show him d reason u can nt marry him.thank my name is innocent.


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