Most Nigerian clubs don’t have budgets – Ezeji


Heartland forward, Victor Ezeji, has taken a swipe at the clubs in the Nigeria Premier League, saying most of them do not have budgets for the season.

Several clubs in the league have yet to pay their players for some months in the last season.

FC Taraba players were recently paid a part of their salaries while some others, including Warri Wolves players have not been paid.

Ezeji, who is the league’s longest-serving player, said each club needs to have a budget of their expenditure for a season to avoid owing players.

“The past season was a good one for the league but the incessant issue of clubs owing players really threatened to spoil the league,” he told our correspondent.

“Although it is an issue that has been occurring for a long time in the league, it is high time clubs stopped it in the interest of the growth of the league.

“I believe the problem is that most of our Premier League clubs don’t have a budget for the season and it is responsible for them owing their players. A club should have an outline of its expenses for the season so that they know how much is coming in and going out.

“Some clubs may not know how much they are paying in salaries and it won’t help because the players will have to revolt to collect their pay. The new season will be successful and the league will grow if the clubs can build a budget for themselves to enable them to plan ahead.”

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