More than 17,000 Chinese are legally resident in Nigeria – Immigration Comptroller-General


The Comptroller General of Immigration Service, Mr. David Parradang, has disclosed that the number of Chinese who are legally resident in Lagos and Ogun zones of the immigration service alone  is about 17,000. Mr Parradang also revealed that several Chinese come to the country on business or tourist visa only to illegally take up paid employment.

In a  presentation, “Improving Immigration Services on Foreign Investment”  organised by Nigeria-Chinese Business Council (NCBC) in Lagos,  Mr Parradang told the gathering that despite the fact that  paid employment is prohibited with these types of visas,  some Chinese companies in the country still go ahead to offer them jobs.

Mr Parradang also noted that over the years the country has progressively adopted appropriate policy measures in a bid to promote or stimulate inflow of foreign capital.


  1. Foreigners are illegally taken up jobs in Nigeria while Nigerians are loitering around jobless. What do our leaders have to say?

  2. The Immigration Service should fasten their cloak in the discharge of their responsibilities making sure info of immigrants are kept and revisited if need be to ensure they adhere to the provision of their visas.


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