Money is good –Pope Francis


Pope Francis has said that being wealthy is not a sin, but Christians must share their wealth with the poor. His message reinforces the Catholic Church’s criticism of greed.

In a short essay published by Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper, the pontiff said, “Money is by itself a good instrument, like almost all things at human disposal; it is a tool that broadens our capacities”.

“However, when economic power is a tool that produces fortunes that people keep to themselves, hiding them from others, it leads to injustice, it loses its original positive value”, he added.

The Pope’s remarks were an introduction to the “Poor for the Poor. The Mission of the Church”, a new book by German Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, a cardinal-elect.

The Argentine-born pontiff had previously criticised unregulated free market polices; a criticism that some dismissed as “pure Marxism”.

In many circles, the Pope is seen as a symbol of charity for his lowly nature.


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