Meet one of Nigeria’s most successful ghost workers


Martin Ugwu Okpe, the fake doctor, who was found out has to be one of Nigeria’s most successful ghost workers following an investigation carried out with the Integrated Personnel and Payment Information System (IPPIS). Okpe was said to have impersonated his friend to work in the Ministry of Health since 2006.

The catch however is that Okpe owes Nigeria exactly N17,024,017.90 in salaries and allowances.

According to IPPIS, the monies involved do not include tax and union dues through nine years.

The health ministry is looking for “full retrieval” of money that accrued to Okpe in the past nine years, according to Permanent Secretary Linus Awute.

Okpe worked in the Department of Health Planning Research and Statistics as a Grade-12 senior medical officer using the credentials and name of a Dr George Davidson Daniel, his friend and a doctor doing residency in Jos.

Okpe was charged to court last Tuesday and remanded in Kuje prisons pending the fulfillment of his bail condition. The court will hear the case on October 10.

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