Linda Ikeji’s Pregancy: Kemi Olunloyo’s Accusations Continue


In her relentless quest to prove that Linda Ikeji is not pregnant, Kemi Olunloyo wore a fake baby bump as her halloween costume to affirm her accusation.

From the moment Linda announced her pregnancy on social media to the period when she gave birth, Kemi has been lashing out series of accusations at Linda. After a short moment of silence ensued but she reinforced and returned, saying her costume was an imitation of Linda’s fake silicone pregnant belly.

Olunloyo also said that the blogger, who shared various photos and videos from her delivery in Emory Hospital, United States, “never entered a hospital“. She goes on to state that a nurse at the said hospital has information to prove that Ikeji staged the birth of her own child.

In response to the situation, Laura Ikeji, Linda’s sister, wrote on Instagram, “So many lies being carried around, a child is any woman’s biggest achievement. My sister is very happy and in a beautiful space, how low can you go? You know yourselves, you’re the supposed classy ones, how low?? Leave us alone fam, we‘re one big happy family. We’re good over here fam. FOH #somanyliesitsbecomingchildish#classlessbunch #wearegoodoverhere#doyouletsdous #icantkeepquietanymore#fakenews #foh”

Olunloyo also responded to Laura saying, “The town crier can’t take it anymore. Laura Ikeji trolling me to leave her family alone after all their lies have been EXPOSED! U are not suing anymore? PATHETIC LIARS OF A FAMILY.”

She has called out Linda on social media, asking her to apologise for ruining her life and her brand.

In a tweet she wrote “Linda Ikeji ruined my brand in 2013. I lost so many deals bloggers with ‘my guns’ when I took blogs down for copyright”

It seems the journalist is holding a huge grudge over the blogger and will not stop until she gets what she wants.

While trying to get details as to why she is bent on sabotaging/accusing Linda unless she apologises, she told The News Chronicle that media outlets should be focused on interviewing Linda and not her, adding that she would only share things with media outlets that believe in her work.

She also stated that she will be dishing out info on her social media for her followers.

In the main time, Linda has not responded to her recent claims or allegations.


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