Lifestyle Cocktails is more than just a brand- Michael Temple


In this interview, Michael Temple, a young CEO of Lifestyle Cocktails tells us about himself, the reason he founded the company and his advice to other young aspiring entrepreneurs.

Kindly tell us about your self

Well my name is Michael Temple, a young C.E.O of a growing business, Lifestyle Cocktails and also a bartender. I was born in Lagos and brought up in Abuja, Nigeria

What inspired you to start your business?

First I love social gathering. The inspiration for the company came when I found myself attending to the well-being of guests I meet in social or corporate events. From there I began nurturing the idea that it would not be a bad idea to try to earn a living from something I naturally love doing.  This was how the idea to start Cocktails came about.

Can you tell us about your business – what the company does, the number of people you employ, the challenges you face?

Lifestyle Cocktails was formed in April 2015.  It is more than just a brand or a one-man business. My company offers all manner of refreshments  during  social or corporate occasions.  Our services include making cocktail including  alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks that are healthy and keep the mind and body feeling refreshed.

How is the business doing?

Overtime, I have managed to keep the business going by adding more hands. We are now four co-workers. The only challenge we face is the number of people needing our services when we go for an event which seriously is a good thing. The demand for our service is so much that sometimes we find it difficult to cope or make everyone happy. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

What will you consider the achievements of your business so far?

Well right now I still believe there is more room for improvement in my business, but I think going by the alarming rate of unemployment in the country, keeping myself and a few Nigerians employed is something we are proud of.

How do you think the government can encourage you?

Well the only thing the government can do to encourage not just me, but anyone that wants to start a business, is to provide capacity training for the unemployed and also support them with some funds to start up their own businesses.

What will be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

My advice is that in every business today there is always going to be competition, so the only way to make your dream-business come true is to be ready to take the risk, work hard and take the services you provide very seriously because every customer matters. And always put God first.

Thanks Mr Temple for talking to us

Thank you for this opportunity.

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