Liberian President Chased out of Office by Snakes

Liberian President, George Weah has been forced to work from home after two snakes were found in the building that contains his office. The incidence took place on Thursday.

According to Press Secretary Smith Toby, who spoke with the BBC, two black snakes were found in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building housing Weah’s official place of work.

“It’s just to make sure that crawling and creeping things get fumigated from the building,” Toby was quoted as saying. “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosts the office of the President, so it did an internal memo asking the staff to stay home while they do the fumigation.”

Toby said the black snakes were seen emerging from a hole in a wall of the building’s reception area.

However, the president is expected to be back in the office on Monday, alongside the staff-members  

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