Let’s Embrace Peace and Move Forward


Signore facitimi instrumento della pace (Lord make me an instrument of thy peace).  Yeah! Matt. 9 verse 5 says, blessed are the peace makers. Peace they say is an essential commodity in the successful growth of a community. However, true peace is not merely an absence of some negative forces, that is, tension, confusion or conflict. It is indeed the presence of some positive forces, such as, justice, goodwill and brotherhood.

However, this essential commodity has long eluded my people in Bahumono kingdom. In fact, for over decay now Ehumono – our father land has not witnessed any peace. We have portrayed this God’s given territory as a battle field, and its people without a conscience and mutual genuine aspiration, and the desired collective will of the people in abyss. Consequently, we destroyed our image, distanced from the frontiers of political arena for the back seat. Also rejected the government development programs meant for us; and worst of all our neighbours outside now dread coming to our land to do business with us because of insecurity in the area.

Furthermore, we have been on each other’s neck for too long, so bad that we now hide away from each other outside for the fear of been recognize as someone from Bahumono, except you hail from the same place. Let me ask, who is an Bahumono person and who can each recognize as a brother or sister, a relation or neighbour?. What are all these dichotomies often sounding as religious mantras, call Bhano-isasa and isa Ekporreh that have long enveloped the psyche of every Bahumono citizen for some time now.

My great people of Bahumono, our existence are not an accident and therefore that Bahumono Kingdom is our home in this present threshold is never an accident. There is a reason for belonging to this place, and as such owe it a service, at least for occupying a space in that God’s territory. Hence, the prevalent cankerworm of disunity, acrimony, cruelty, animosity, jealousy and infighting cannot help us.

Presently, no one seems to be happy with oneself or each other, this is dangerous to the future of Bahumono nation. Hopefully, we can change this current trend, in his advice Dr. Qakley Ray said” your reality is under your control, and everything you need for a happy life is within yourself”. Also, according to Niebuhr, “the environment you fashion out of your Thoughts, your beliefs, your ideals, your philosophy, is the environment you live in”.

We must redeem our fatherland and bring it back to the path of dignity, mutual love and brotherhood, and unity entrenched in the fear of God, otherwise we have failed ourselves and our creator. All we need is to generate thoughts that build mountains, create new world and set the path of tomorrow. As the masters say “man is not living unless he contributes daily to the proper and progressive advancement of our world”.

In my last article, man: in the wings of confusion, it was stated that life is a process of looking for, probing and searching for something fashionable or more fashionable – something idealistic and what is truly realistic, in tandem with an extant divine guiding principles for the completeness of life in the present sphere of gloss matter. Again, life is a process of repairing, reconciling and so on. The salient question is, what are we searching for? Certainly it cannot be the present specter of hatred, disgust and disunity in the land.

My dear brothers, let us stop fighting ourselves, let us stop this man’s inhumanity to man, as in the words of A. J. Taylor “the cause of war is preparation for war”. Also according to Krishnamurti (1895 – 1985) “no leader is going to give us peace, no government, no military, no country. What will bring peace is inward transformation which will lead to outward action. Inward transformation is not isolation, not a withdrawal from outward action. On the contrary, there can be right action only when there is right thinking, and there is no thinking when there is no knowledge. Without knowing yourself there is no peace”.

Permit me to say that, pointing the accusing fingers on those in government, our neighbours or government itself as the cause of our predicament is just passing the buck, every body both educated, illiterate, the old and young should be held responsible for our woes, it is a holistic culpability. We have derailed from the path of righteousness, the path of self- identification and unity, and now found ourselves drifting towards political irrelevance, and general dwindling image as a people.

Ehumono should we continue to tread this way?. Where are those wise men, where are the opinion moulders, those who have the love and interest of Bahumono nation in their hearts? Can we still find them, when will they   come out of their cocoon of inertial and fight for our father land? In fact, together we must fight to rebuild our falling kingdom, and move along with the comity of other ethnic nationalities in the state. We have to rise up now and save Bahumono ship of state from sinking, all we need to do is patriotism and sense of collective responsibility to succeed. Let us create an enabling atmosphere for a holistic development of our land, as the saying goes, no meaningful development can take place in an atmosphere of rancour.

Sadly enough, we are now marching to the law courts, to do what? To seek redress against each other, and while judgments are rolling out and some celebrating, others are complaining, then where is the peace? Courts never give peace, the peace we are searching for can neither be found on the battle field nor courts of law.

Similarly, we continue to hear the cries of our innocent children everywhere, children whose future is threatened and uncertain. We see our own brothers and sisters scattered every where in the state, becoming refugees in their own land because of war. Yeah! We might have made our own mistakes, which is human, but please in the name of almighty God let us forgive each other; instead let this serve as a great lesson which shall bind us stronger together and consolidate on the subsisting fragile relationship. According to one of the Africa’s famous freedom fighters Desmond Tutu “the peace we want is something positive and dynamic. In the Hebrew it is called Shalom – wholeness, integrity, it means well being physical and spiritual. It means the abundance of life which Jesus Christ promised He had brought. It has to do with harmonious co-existence with one’s neighbours in a wholesome environment, allowing persons to become more and more human”.

Moreover, whenever we harm others we directly harm ourselves, and whenever we give them happiness, we are bringing ourselves future happiness. Therefore, let us develop this good heart that longs for other beings to find lasting happiness, and acts to secure that happiness – nourish and practice kindness.

Conclusively, let us embrace peace and move forward. We must pursue this great assignment of redeeming our father land – home of all people, with the spirit of the same object, attached to the same idea, and living with the same heart. Let us all be men of good-will, let us spare neither our toil nor sweat. Let us spread among all the people who surround us and the whole state love, kindness and brotherhood. However, this can only be achieved when we are able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood for this long elusive essential commodity. Hopefully, this shall take us to the desired destination, where every son or daughter of Bahumono land will be happy with oneself and the future of our children assured – blessedness of peace.

The time is now!




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