Let Bugaje Solve the Petroleum Malady

Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje

Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje, the current rector of Kaduna Polytechnic is destined to rectify problems and provide solutions in leadership for achievements and successes.

It is a merriment moment and a thing of joy to salute president Muhammadu Buhari for searching and spotting a technocrat like Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje to be on the ministerial nomination list of Nigerian next level government. Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje the born versatile academician from Katsina state of Bugaje is an experienced man that is destined to rectify ineffective management to effectiveness. His exemplary leadership has been manifested in many areas of his working places to the time that he is the rector of the most giant African Polytechnic in Nigeria. Kaduna Polytechnic has now been set on the progressive pace where knowledge and learning are on the right tracks for the promotion of science and technology for Nigerian way out of underdevelopment in technological crafting.

Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje was at the Nigeria Institute for Chemical Technology, NARICT as the Director General of the institute in Zaria. He displayed his simple leadership and his prowess in terms of administrative management which earned the institute many adore. Bugaje’s leadership at NARICT won the institution many recognition and awards. One of the most appreciable award was the Nigeria Society of Chemical Engineers (NSCCE) on Heat Integration on Methanol Plant in 2013. As the Director General at NARICT Prof. Bugaje produced vaccines for tomatoes Ebola as one of the cardinal mandate of the NARICT because the main target of Professor Idris Bugaje is to achieve and accomplish assignment given, and he made sure that NARICT has a certified partnership with the Raw Material Research Development Council (RMRDC) to fabricate a fertilizer blending plant, using extract from the moringa oleifara plant.

The concept of Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje is to develop and eradicate all flaws of retrogressive for a progressive management for brighter Nigeria. His past rectorship in Federal Polytechnic, Nasarawa has displayed him as a patriotic man that can sacrifice his whole time for the development of  his country in any place he found himself.

There is no doubt that Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje is the right machinery needed for the improvement of Nigeria. The main aim of Bugaje is to garnish organizational aims and objectives to consolidate the roadmap of Nigeria prosperity.

In a paper titled, Power Generation as Panacea to Industrialization, Job Creation and Security in the North presented by Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje before the Northern Governors’ Forum in Kaduna, Bugaje explained how Nigeria can come out from its mirage situation of unstable power dilemma to evade the pandemic poverty and insecurity eating deep down the Arewa heart. Bugaje stated that Lagos in the Southern part of Nigeria secure 60% of the national power while leaving the North with only 40% including Abuja, the Federal Capital of Nigeria. Bugaje said the only panacea to Nigeria desertification and energy saving is to make power available to all the corners and crannies of Nigeria to avoid firewood burning for cooking. Bugaje affirmed that power is the driver of poverty by comparing the poverty indices of Lagos and Zamfara as Lagos has 8.5% and Zamfara has

91.9% poverty levels.

Nigerian petroleum sector is suffering from problems that only a gifted administrator can shield the oil arena to come out from its shrinking state. The Present government of President Muhammadu Buhari had promised to tackle oil problems bedeviling the sector before voting him in 2015 during his campaign promises but the promises are stillborn.

The appointment of Ibe Kachikwu from the Southern Nigeria of Delta state in 2015 as the State Minister of Petroleum resources rekindled hope in the minds of Nigerians after his appointment,  with the prayers that the odd days will be gone forever with the believe that he will resuscitate our dilapidated refineries and curtail the importation of adulterated petroleum resources into Nigeria and it is for the reason President Muhammad Buhari appointed Kachikwu as the Petroleum Minister of state. Ibe Kachikwu for knowing his assignment assured Nigerians that he was up to the task to raise our refineries from their coma and promised that he will resign from his position as the minister if he failed in his target.

In an interview with BBC Kachikwu said, ” I have stated it, 2019 is the target… Yes! Of course that is the reason why you are in government.” Kachikwu testified that if he failed to revive the Nigerian refineries and couldn’t stop importation of oil into the shore of Nigeria he will resign honourable.

However the controversy of the missing $60bn oil revenue under the management of the State Minister of Petroleum Resources caused roaring alarm in which the famous activist lawyer in Nigeria, Femi Falana wrote a letter to the minister under the Freedom of Information act demanding explanation for the missing of such amount of money and the allegation is still on the neck of the minister.

Nigeria oil sector needs people with exemplary leadership that are blessed with the wisdom to elevate people’s suffering and that can design the way out in any place they are assigned to render services and Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje is surely the right antidote to the lingering problem of Nigeria petroleum sector.

There is no doubt Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje will give Nigeria lead road to attain its vision in the shortest possible time to achieve its course of structuring a giant petroleum sector in the development of the country as we march to another cycle of governance. Professor Idris Muhammad Bugaje is the tranquilizer that can put all hands on deck of our petroleum sector and to richly move the country to the better level of development that will boom the economy.

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim, Kaduna




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