Lessons From Ex-FUTA VC’s Murder


For several days, the news was all over town that the former vice chancellor of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Professor Albert Ilemobade, his driver, Yemi, and guard, Daniel, were missing. The initial suspicion was that, with the rampant cases of kidnapping in parts of the country, they might have been abducted. But the story changed when the decomposing body of the former vice chancellor was found in a store in his compound, and his driver and guard caught while trying to sell his car, a Toyota Sport -Utility Vehicle (SUV). It was then realised that the 80-year-old academic had actually been murdered in cold blood by his own domestic staff who coveted his car and wanted to steal it, according to their confessional statements to the police.
The former vice chancellor is not the only one to have suffered such cruel fate from domestic staff. Not too long ago, a housemaid reportedly arranged with miscreants to abduct the children of her mistress. There are many more of such incidences.
In the light of the above, it has become extremely dangerous to keep unscreened house helps who, when they are not witches and wizards tormenting the family, are informers to criminals who rely on insider information for their evil devices.
In our opinion, part of the reasons for this kind of embarrassing tragedy is that families, in the process of recruiting domestic staff, are so much in a haste and do not carry out proper background checks on them. In most cases, the families simply put chalk boards outside their gates with the inscription: ‘Driver, cleaner, maid wanted. Apply within.’
Without doing the necessary checks or demanding guarantors, they end up employing criminals and, in some cases, carriers of deadly diseases who cause them harm.
The so-called employment agencies do not make matters any easier. Concerned more with maximising their returns, they are scarcely bothered about the character of the job seekers they recruit for their clients.
The police have consistently warned against hiring domestic staff with scant regard for the security implications. They have, several times in their public enlightenment campaigns, pointed out the undesirability of engaging domestic staff without security clearance, especially as it has been confirmed time and again that most household crime incidences are instigated by someone within.
Sadly, in our view, they do not seem to be making any impression on these families who, in a hurry to get a much needed maid, or driver, throw caution to the wind. We hope that Professor Ilemobade’s case will sound the right note of warning.

Culled from http://leadership.ng/opinions/443968/lessons-from-ex-futa-vcs-murder


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