Landscaping goat missing from job in Rhode Island


Police in Rhode Island are searching for a landscaping goat that wandered away from a job on Tuesday.

Warwick Police Department police shared a photo of the “funny looking” brown Nigerian goat with one curly horn that disappeared while working for a “goatscaping company” based out of Massachusetts.

“Goatscaping is a trending fad that has recently replaced yoga and inline skating,” police said. “Apparently these goats are used to trim one’s landscaping and they do it for money.”

The crew noticed the goat, which answers to the names Sammy and Frank, had disappeared after conducing a headcount on Tuesday morning.

It is believed the goat walked out on the job while working to clear some brush in the southern area of Warwick neck.

Police encouraged anyone who spotted the goat to call in and report its whereabouts.

Source: UPI


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