Lampedusa again: over 800 migrants rescued at sea


The Italian Navy said authorities have rescued migrants from four boats. The migrants were trying to reach the island of Lampedusa.

The boats were in dangerous floating conditions and overcrowded.

The migrants were from countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Iraq.

Lampedusa is closest Italian Island to Africa and it is a common destination for migrants who are trying to enter European countries. Shipwrecks are a common occurrence off the shores of the island.

It is important to mention that 300 African migrants died in October after their ship sank off the shores of the island. A few days later, 34 people died when their boat capsized.

It is saddening that in spite of all the tragedies recorded off the shores of the island, African and other migrants still take the risk of journeying through the island to get to Europe.

However, it is apt to say that as long as the problems decimating the third world continue its desperate citizens will always be attracted to Lampedusa.


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