Lagos is being managed better than Abuja – Commissioner


Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, says the administration of Governor Babatunde Fashola has done more for the state than President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration has done for Abuja.

He said the ongoing beautification of the state showed purposeful leadership, adding that Lagos with a population of over 16 million was faring better than Abuja with “quarter of Lagos’ population.”

Bello said this during an interview with our correspondent on Wednesday.

He said since the return to democracy in 1999, the Federal Government had not only abandoned Lagos but had done all within its power to frustrate the efforts of the state government because the state had always been run by an opposition party.

He said if the Federal Government could relinquish the running of the seaport and airports to the state, more development would come to the state.

He said New York City, which was a megacity like Lagos, was running an international airport. He, therefore wondered why Nigeria could not emulate such.

He said, “The beautification has provided jobs for over 100,000 people. Is Abuja well run? Planning has been abandoned and it is not well managed. Abuja is not up to 4 million people and they can’t manage it.

“The Federal Government needs to do away with many of its responsibilities like managing airports, seaports and the police. It is an avenue for corruption. Do you know the potential the Murtala Muhammed International Airport has?

Do you know how many jobs could be created from MMIA if it is properly managed? Do you know that the seaport in Apapa can create many jobs if it is well managed?

“In 2004, we took Julius Berger to the road that leads to the airport and we wanted to repair it.

“We wanted to create six lanes on each side and expand it and it would have been beautiful but the Federal Government stopped us because it is a federal road.”

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