Lagos: 70 beggars deported to Onitsha


At least 70 beggars and homeless people were on the early hours of Wednesday dumped at the Upper Iweka Road by agents of the Lagos state Government. The affected people claimed that before being deported to Onitsha, they were first detained in Ikorodu for over six months by the Lagos State Kick Against Indiscipline, which had accused them of wandering and other minor offences. Some of the affected  people however claimed that they were going about their normal business when they were arrested.

Dr. Peter Katchy, Chairman of Nigeria Red Cross Society in the South-East, condemned the action of the Lagos State Government saying: “It’s very deplorable; it’s very disheartening that a state in the Federal Republic of Nigeria will bundle people, who are not even indigenes of Anambra State, and dump them under the flyover at Upper Iweka in Onitsha.

“Many of the people, we have interviewed are not indigenes of Anambra State. Some of them are from Ebonyi State; some are from Imo State among other states.

“It is an insult to Anambra State. We shall draw the attention of the governor of Anambra State to ask the reason for such an invasion of his territory.

It should be recalled that last year the Lagos State government similarly dumped some beggars at the same Upper Iweka Road.




  1. The action by the Lagos state govt to dumped beggar in Onitsha is not proper instead homes should established for beggars and destitudes in the area.

  2. people now resort to begging as a profitable venture, littering every streets and corners in the state. The lagos state govt should have find out the state of origin of the beggars and dump them appropriately.

  3. The Lagos state government should have put up a program in helping these people rediscover their purpose for being and how they can positively influence our society. Rather than referring them completely out of the city to other state.

  4. these people need help. i think it will be of good influence if the Anambra state government can help this people. this are human like us.

  5. The details of this Igbo deportation from Lagos State are not yet known. However, if the Lagos State government actually carried out these treasonable offense against Nigerians living in Nigeria then the Anambra state government, the Federal government, presidency, the national assemblies must take legal, executive and legislative actions respectively against the Lagos state government on behalf of these Nigerian citizens whose fundamental and citizens’ rights to live in any part of Nigeria of their choosing was grossly violated by this subversive act. This inglorious act is no different from the deportation of Jews by the Nazi; is no different from the 1966 pogrom or the ethnic cleansing directed against eastern Nigerians leading up to the Nigeria Biafra civil war. That these citizens were picked up on the streets in Lagos, detained in a vigilant prison camp where many lost their lives and then internally deported for no apparent reasons except that they appeared poor is not only criminal in nature but purely a crime against humanity and against the constitution of the Nigerian state.

    Now Lagos state has become a Nazi enclave with the Igbos as the target of its newly found Nazi ideology. Lagos state government is now to Igbos what West countries are to Nigerians. In the West, a Nigeria that looks poor is not welcomed in the West. But if this Nigerian is a public official carrying huge amount of stolen public wealth he receives kingly welcome in Europe in US. With this action by Lagos State government says if you’re Igbo and looks poor you’re not welcomed to Lagos. This exactly the same discrimination that South African meted against Nigerians sometimes last year that sparked National outraged and forced the Nigerian government to respond accordingly. Lagos state government cannot differentiate or discriminate between the rich and the poor Igbos.

    But by this particular single action Lagos state government have unfortunately spoken out the truth many have deliberately avoided; the truth that we are not one, the truth that one Nigeria is a hoax, a fraud artificially kept as truth by the Niger Delta oil. Every Igbo man living or operating in Lagos take note; you’re welcomed in Lagos as longs as you appeared to be doing well economically well. Every Igbo man in Lagos must now understand that his is foreigner in Lagos state and therefore must not keep all his eggs in the Lagos basket. Any Igbo in Lagos and perhaps anywhere outside the Igbo territory must think what would become of his wealth and properties in these states in the event of slightest national discord. It has happened before, the abandoned property project during the Civil war. History has and would continue to be a very important reference tool because those who disregard it surely make the same mistake time and time again.

    However, there is an alternative cause of action albeit a difficult alternative that Igbos can use to confront ill treatment, discrimination and humiliations that they suffer in Nigeria. And that is to defend by any means necessary the artificial one- Nigerianism as long as the project called Nigeria continues in truth or in false continues to emphasize that we are one Nigeria. Igbo must be prepared to either effectively relocate to the East when and if it becomes necessary or they must stand their ground, defend and protect themselves by any means when and if it become necessary to do so. Every part of Nigeria is Nigeria and Igbos, rich and poor like any group has the constitutional to live,

    Great men, nations are neither made from among the timid, the weakling, the peaceable, and the pacifist nor from among the awols. Rather great men and nations are made from among the fearless, the courageous and from among those who would stand their ground when ordinary men and nations takes flight. So as long as the song of one Nigeria mantra is being sang Igbos must prepare selves to defend in Lagos, Kano, and north, south, east, and west; this none melodic but empowering song of One Nigeria.


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