Forget Harsh Chemicals- My Natural Skin Care Products will Give You that Superb Glow



Nekky Natural Beauty Concept

“Don’t damage your skin with chemicals. You can look beautiful with your everyday fruit cream. The skin is very delicate and fragile, and should be well taken care of.”

Nekky Natural Beauty Concept is an outstanding Skin Care Specialist Centre in Abuja and in Nigeria at large. With offices all over the world, Nekky has satisfied thousands of clients. No wonder, customers throng her shop at Suit C08, J-Plus Plaza, 39 Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro in Abuja. The CEO, Mrs. Okonji Esther, runs the Spa, Cosmetic Shop, treatment clinic and is always around to attend to all those who have beauty challenges from Acne or Pimples to all manner of skin problems. She is also a consultant on skin care products. She believes in using fruits to edify and beautify the skin; your skin speaks more of you.  She has over 200 branded products all made in Nigeria. She has good soaps and her packaging is indeed something you should look out for.  Mrs. Okonji has been in the business for about 19 years and Abuja as always been her base. Her product is so safe and effective that the clientele she has built over the years still patronize her and invite new customers yet her prices are well affordable.

When did you start this business?

I have been in this business for over 19 years. I have branches all over Lagos, Port Harcourt (Nigeria) and London, UK. I have offices at Wuse 2 and one here in Asokoro, Abuja.

What motivated you to start this business?

My motivation is, I see people with very bad skin, knuckles, stretch marks all over their skin and I know that we have God-given fruits and vegetables that can eradicate this skin problem caused by chemicals. I have passion for beauty and the love to make people skin look flawless and well satin.

How do you treat your clients?

I treat my clients with products that I made with 100% natural ingredients. I examine their skin to know the appropriate treatment it requires then treat them. I also recommend the kind of fruits they need to eat to enhance their skin condition from the inside then, treat their skin from the outside. Depending on the client’s skin type and skin condition, I will give them a befitting soap and cream. I also do facials with herbs that replenish the skin and removes dead cells.

Why do you use fruits and vegetables for your products?

I use them because they are medicinal; they rejuvenate the skin leaving you fresher and younger and have no side effects.  With the weather we have in Abuja and around the country, it’s not advisable to use creams made with chemicals because they will damage your skin eventually. Even if you wish to tone and look good, my products can do that for you. My fruits cream will make you look younger and your skin will glow. Believe me, you will come back for more.  It will pay you to use purely natural products.

Why should people patronize Nekky Natural Beauty Concept?

People should patronize Nekky Touch because my products are for health and vitality. I use natural fruits and vegetables which are medicinal and very good for your skin. You will see the effects for yourself as soon as you start using my products.

What common mistakes do women make?

Women use chemicals a lot and putting the weather we have (in the country and even across the globe) into consideration, those chemicals become severely harmful to the skin. When you use these harsh chemicals on your skin you will have discolouration, sunburn, spots, pimples and many other skin damages.

I advise women to go natural. They should avoid using chemicals that will cause them to have one problem or the other. It is better to maintain your skin with fruits and vegetables because this skin will be useful when you start aging. We’ve been able to change that mindset on bleaching and encourage everyone to embrace our natural skin-care products.



Suit C08, J-Plus Plaza, 39 Jimmy Carter Street, Asokoro, Abuja.


0809 814 2064, 0803 701 7667



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