Ladies, The Best Way to Keep Cancer Away from Your Breast


Mothers who are suppose to be breastfeeding but shy away from breastfeeding their babies because they think their breasts would go flat, need to have a rethink.

In the first place, breastfeeding does not cause the breast to go flat. Whether or not a woman breast feeds, her breasts would go flat more as a result of physiological processes in the body. Fact:

Breastfeeding, according to paediatricians, provides health benefits for mothers beyond emotional satisfaction. Such health benefits include; cancer prevention, and protection from infectious diseases.

But perhaps one of the most important benefits of breastfeeding is that it does appear to protect against breast cancer, probably by affecting levels of estrogen in a woman’s body, Breastfeeding seems to help prevent, or at least delay, the onset of celiac disease, possibly by introducing tiny amounts of gluten to a baby through the mother’s milk.

In developing countries in Africa and Asia, women breastfed each of their babies for an average of 20 months. Since breast milk is the ideal nutrient for the new born, all women should be encouraged to breastfeed their children for cancer prevention and the great benefits for the baby.

New mothers are believed to reduce their risk of breast cancer by breastfeeding their babies, and the longer they continue, the lower their chances of developing the diseases become.

Research shows that one other benefit of breastfeeding babies, includes healthier immune systems and fewer breathing difficulties. The research by epidemiolo-gist Sir Richard Doll – who discovered the link between lung cancer and smoking – may now lead doctors to tell mothers that breastfeeding could protect them from the disease. It was also found that a woman’s risk fell by just over eight percent for every birth.

However, women who have breastfed experience reduced rate of breast cancer in life, thereby providing other health benefits in their babies including protection against celiac diseases.

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