Labaran Maku attacks kinsmen: Says the north ruled since independence, but the south didn’t cause trouble


The Minister of Information Labaran Maku has taken a swipe at northern politicians who cause trouble for his boss President Goodluck Jonathan.

He has also said berated the North for its unwillingness to cooperate with the President who is from the South.

The Minister said, “People who call themselves politicians, they will go to radio stations, go to television stations and make dangerous statements which will create confusion, create hatred, which will set people against each other, which will incite violence. This is what we have been witnessing in the North since 2011. Beginning with 2011 elections, we have continued to witness this unfortunate tendency from leaders, not all leaders, some leaders among us who are always inciting people. You will recollect that during the 2011 general elections, especially presidential election, people tried to turn the election into a religious war”.

Mr Maku also stated, “Since independence, we have more northerners ruling Nigeria and people did not cause trouble because we were ruling. Whenever we were president whether military head of state or civilian, the southerners did not say let there be war because some northerners are ruling or let us raise a religious war or let’s create confusion in the country. We ruled and ruled and ruled and they cooperated with us.”


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