Kwankwaso Says He Can’t Be Impeached, Blasts President Jonathan


Kano State Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso on Sunday said he can’t be impeached because he is too big for the impeachment tricks of President Goodluck Jonathan and the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

 The governor told Sahara Reporters in an interview that the President Jonathan– led administration had tried to persuade his state legislature to impeach him but failed following the support of the people of Kano.

 “They have been trying and that you are aware of. They came here and collected all the principal officers and other members of the state House of Assembly; not because they stole anything, but because they didn’t want us to pass the budget. The EFCC came dead in the night and started collecting them like criminals, they took them to Abuja; and we followed them, there was just no question, nothing. At the end of the day, I don’t know what happened, they granted us bail and the case is still in court,” he said. “It is not that they stole money. I have never seen this kind of thing anywhere, where authorities come to the state, to collect people in the night; I am talking about elected state legislators”.

 Kwankwaso went further to reveal that the PDP recently brought one ‘hawk’ from Kebbi State, to settle in Kano to ferment trouble immediately after he (Kwankwaso) defected to APC, adding that several meetings were held in the house of the hawk. He said PDP was already celebrating that it has gotten the state house of assembly Speaker and majority of the APC executive, making them think that the legislature will follow next.

 “By the time I called them, we had meeting on a Friday which ran into Saturday. And by Sunday, they came from Abuja and put them in the aircraft but to their surprise by Monday morning, I told them to go and declare that instead of 31 members for APC, we were now having 34! So, they have been trying, but we are politicians here and we have been in the game” he said.

 The governor stated that politics should not be seen as enmity or something that you have to destroy something for.

 “The very forces that they used in Ekiti, they used in Adamawa, which they are now using in Nasarawa, I am sure they want to try it again in Osun. These are the forces that they should have been using in the North-eastern states. On Ekiti election day, the whole state was taken over and dominated. I don’t think Ekiti is as big as Sambisa Forest, you go and dominate there, why are you dominating an innocent state? And what they don’t know is that the party taking seats by force from other states does not give them automatic success in 2015” he said.

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