Judicial anti-corruption crusade targeted at offenders/intermediaries


Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mariam Alooma Mukhtar, yesterday said the on-going war against corruption in the judiciary is not limited to offenders but also against any staff who serve as intermediaries to propagate corrupt practices.

In her words:  “Let me quickly add that the fight against corruption in the judiciary is not only targeted at the judicial officers, but also against any staff of the judiciary who finds luxury or convenience in engaging in corrupt practices or engaged in any other unwholesome conduct.”

Justice Mukhtar who was represented by Justice Olu Ariwoola disclosed this at a three-day workshop organised by the National Judicial Institute for judiciary librarians nationwide. According to her, any staff of the judiciary caught in the act of corruption would be sanctioned.

She said: “If any of you contravenes the code of conduct, the person will face the full consequences of his or her action.” The CJN, however, assured that any judicial staff that works hard and conducts himself well would be rewarded, but deviant, fraudulent and indolent ones would be sanctioned.


  1. it is really needed to be done, because they are the ones enforesing the law and if they themselves are corrupt who will enforce the law?


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