Judge issues arrest warrant for Ric Flair over spousal support payments


A Mecklenburg County, N.C. judge has issued an arrest warrant for pro wrestling star Ric Flair on the grounds of failing to pay spousal support to his estranged wife. Flair, born Richard Fliehr, allegedly owes $32,352.51 from his estranged wife Jacqueline Beems.

Oh, but hold on. The story doesn’t end there. Beems turned herself over to authorities on Tuesday for harassing Flair‘s current girlfriend. She was charged with a misdemeanor and released on

$500 bond. Her attorney dismisses Flair’s allegations that she harassed Wendy Kidder, Flair’s current girlfriend, in up to 50 texts and five voicemails.

Flair has not disputed that he owes Beems $32,000, a result of an order to pay her $4,000 per month after she filed for legal separation last year. However, he noted that he has been hospitalized in the wake of the drug-induced death of his son Reid earlier this year and has been unable to work. Flair indicated to the UPI that he intends to pay Beems the full sum, potentially as soon as this week.

“The reason I didn’t pay my ex-wife the 32 grand is because my son died and I was in the hospital for a month,” Flair said, according to the UPI. “I was in the hospital for a month with a blood clot. I didn’t go to work for three months.”


Culled from Yahoo Sports, July 17 2013


  1. A funny story! Harrassment and failure to pay spousal support. it is particlar with the western world not common in Naija.


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