Jubril Aminu to northern politicians, you can’t stop Jonathan from re-contesting


Former Petroleum Minister, Professor Jubril Aminu has warned northern politicians to desist from fomenting trouble over President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term bid.

The Professor is of the opinion that no one can stop the President from re-contesting because it is his political right.

Mr Aminu states that the only way Jonathan can be removed is through the ballot box.

He said, “I don’t support the argument that Jonathan has the right or not to contest in 2015. That is not the issue because you cannot stop him from exercising his political right.”

“But I want to say that instead of arguing whether Jonathan is qualified or not, let those opposed to him use the ballot box to vote him out during the election”, he added.

He asked, “If those opposed to him can muster enough votes to prevent him from winning, will the President not stand down?”

The elder statesman said that most of those claiming to speak for the north did not represent the voice of a majority of northerners.


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